JDSU/Acterna TPI-570E DS1/DS3 ATM Tester

JDSU/Acterna TPI-570E DS1/DS3 ATM Tester
Manufacturer: JDSU/Acterna/TTC /WG
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JDSU/Acterna TPI-570E DS1/DS3 ATM Tester


JDSU/Acterna TPI 570E DS1/DS3 ATM Tester

with options

  • ATM-25 DS1 RJ45 Input
  • DS3 BNC Input

Test ATM Quality of Service Now

   Speed is of the essence. ATM customers demand fast deployment and dependable service. You can¿t afford to let them wait. The CE Mark compliant TPI 750E ATM Tester features a simple, soft-key-driven user interface for fast and easy service testing for both provisioning and troubleshooting, as well as physical layer testing. Results are displayed on a large (24 line by 40 character) graphics-capable color LCD so you get the information you need at a glance.

Service Testing Provisioning

  • Support for QoS measurements necessary to verify dependability, accuracy, and speed of service for both PVC and SVC links
  • Selectable header data includes virtual path identifier (VPI), virtual channel identifier (VCI), and cell loss priority (CLP) field manipulation, service data unit (SDU), and congestion (CNGST)
  • Selectable test cells consistent with ITU O.191 and compatible with TTC¿s FIREBERD 6000 test set
  • Configurable for generation of continuous bit rate (CBR),unspecified bit rate (UBR), and variable bit rate (VBRrt and VBRnrt) cell streams at full line speeds
  • User-selectable cell stream parameters, including peak cell rate (PCR), sustained cell rate (SCR), maximum burst size (MBS), and cell delay variation tolerance (CDVT)
  • Support for up to eight (SVC) or 12 (PVC) simultaneous user-defined cell streams Troubleshooting
  • Auto-detection of all active VPI/VCI combinations, with extensive statistics on each pair, including cell throughput, PCR, and CLP cell count
  • Additional statistics for lost cells, misinserted cells, congested cells, and cell errors available in termination mode
  • General reporting of correctable (single) and uncorrectable (multiple) header error control (HEC) errors, verifying the switches¿ ability to detect and correct single errors
  • Operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM) support and analysis for loopback, continuity check, alarm indication signal (AIS) and far-end receive failure (FERF), and performance management cells
  • Optional full-duplex monitoring capability for ATM-25, E1/DS1, E3/DS3, and STM-1/OC-3c interfaces
  • Remote control supports long term maintenance/manufacturing functions using ViTL software

Physical Layer Testing

  • Signal loss, frame loss, yellow alarm, and AIS displayed via easy-to-see LEDs
  • Thorough Layer 1 statistics including frame, far-end block errors (FEBE), and BIP errors
  • Bit error rate testing (BERT) with pseudo-random and fixed patterns appropriate to each specific interface