JDSU/Acterna T-Berd 950 Multiservice Analyzer

JDSU/Acterna T-Berd 950 Multiservice Analyzer
Manufacturer: JDSU/Acterna/TTC /WG
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JDSU/Acterna T-Berd 950 Multiservice Analyzer
JDSU/Acterna T-Berd 950 Multiservice Analyzer

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with options

  • TB-950-Batt
  • TB-950-SIG
  • TB-950-PSB
  • TB-950-LL
  • TB-950-BRI
  • TB-950-PRI
  • TB-950 TIMS

   The JDSU/Acterna TB-950 Multi Service Analyzer is a multi-functional instrument that combines troubleshooting and turn-up testing capabilities for digital, analog, voice and data circuits in one unit. The T-BERD 950 thoroughly tests digital services such as T1/FT1, DDS local loop, and T1 PBX trunks. It also supports testing for analog services such as DID and analog data. Protocol services including ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, and frame relay, in addition to other network technologies and services are also supported by the T-BERD 950. Built with the demands of the field technician in mind, the T-BERD 950 is designed to expand and support new technologies and services without sacrificing ease of use or portability.


  •   Multiple service testing capabilities combined in a single test instrument   
  •   Analog and digital testing support   
  •   Growth-oriented protocol services board and interface module expansion slot for future test access capability   
  •   TNT Task Based Testing user interface makes routine test set-up simple and intuitive   
  •   Large graphical LCD allows for two user display screen and a two line results display
  •   Qualify local loop copper wire pairs for both analog and digital services  
  •   Perform full-duplex monitoring of active T1 and DDS lines  
  •   Verify and troubleshoot ISDN BRI and PRI services   

User Displays

  The T-BERD 950 provides an easy-to-use, application-focused user interface. Its two user displays provide the instant flexibility needed when testing and troubleshooting circuits and services in the field. The two-column graphical LCD shows all setup parameters and can also be used to view full-page results while the two-line screen simultaneously displays results. This user interface eliminates the need for numerous menus or constant toggling between setup and results screens, allowing technicians to concentrate on finding and solving circuit problems.

Battery/Power Management

   For maximum convenience and flexibility, the T-BERD 950 operates on AC or battery power wherever testing is needed. With built-in charging capabilities and accurate fuel gauge readings on the display, power use is easily monitored and the battery can be recharged when necessary. Intelligent power management features optimize available energy by diverting power away from options not in use. In addition,  the batteries are hot-swappable change one when it is needed most, without losing power.