JDSU/Acterna MS1300D Microstealth

JDSU/Acterna MS1300D Microstealth
Manufacturer: JDSU/Acterna/TTC /WG
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JDSU/Acterna MS1300D Microstealth


JDSU/Acterna MS1300D Microstealth

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 The MicroStealth (MS) signal level meters combine comprehensive test performance, durable design, and low cost. The versatile platform offers a model for every technician, every skill level, and every budget.

Meeting every feature and requirement needed in a signal level meter

  • User-friendly Icon-based user interface used throughout the entire WWG product line; multi-language operator screens available
  • Efficient and high repeatability; Automated Testing; Convenient proof-of performance compliance testing. Tests can be done immediately and seen on screen or scheduled over a period of time and printed at a later date
  • 95% of all forward and reverse ingress and interference is located in the distribution and home network. Advanced ingress spectrum scan helps you locate the source fast and easy
  • Complete digital measurement solution for DTV and cable modem signals. digiCheck average power measurement including auto limit check

Faster Find and Fix

   The MicroStealth design enables installers to do their jobs faster and easier. First, all meters are lightweight and easy to carry, yet durable and water-resistant. Second, all have a user-friendly, icon-based user-interface. The simple icons are used in all MicroStealth meters, and all other WWG field meters. This translates to less training and less downtime for field technicians & installers. Finally, the user interface is also available in international languages, allowing for ease of use throughout the world.

Frequency Range 5-890 MHz

  • Accuracy  ±10 kHz@25C
  • Tuning Resolution 25 kHz

Level Measurement in dB

  • Analog Range  20 to +50 dBmV
  • Digital Range  20 to +40 dBmV
  • Resolution 0.1 dB


  • Flatness ±0.75 dB Flatness
  • Linearity  ±0.75 dB Flatness
  • digiCheck  ±2dB Typical

Six Channel Mode

  • Number of Channels 6
  • Scan Rate < 1 second

Full Scan Mode

  • Number of Channels 120
  • Scan Rate Approx 6 carrier/second