JDSU/Acterna FST-2209 Test Pad DS1

JDSU/Acterna FST-2209 Test Pad DS1
Manufacturer: JDSU/Acterna/TTC /WG
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Acterna FST-2209 Test Pad DS1


JDSU/Acterna FST-2209 Test Pad DS1

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with options

  • Signaling
  • Advanced Stress Patterns
  • Fractional T1
  • ISDN Primary

   From climate-controlled vaults to weather-beaten rooftops, field technicians need to travel lightly and quickly to keep data and voice networks operating. The JDSU/ActernaTTC FST-2209 DS1/DS3 Service Module is a powerful, handheld instrument that delivers a full range of troubleshooting capabilities. Quick, intuitive, and weighing only five pounds, the FST-2209 Service Module provides comprehensive DS1/DS3 testing in a single platform. It is the solution that providers demand when maintaining existing voice and data network systems and install new revenue-producing services.


  • Easy-to-use touch screen and GUI simplifies and expedites testing
  • Modular Acterna TestPad architecture enables up-to-date support for established and emerging technologies in a single platform
  • Engineered with rugged construction, lightweight design, and battery powered operation ideal for use in the field
  • Dual PCMCIA slots support easy installation of future upgrades and brings added testing functionality and versatility
  • Automated testing features minimize training costs and testing complexity
  • All-in-one solution for DS1/DS3 testing
  • Full DS0/DS1/DS3 signal analysis and BER testing
  • Field upgradeable SW options for the FST2000 test platform via PCMCIA card.
  • See the FST2000 Module & Accessories table for full description of available SW options.

DS1 physical layer testing

   Whether provisioning or troubleshooting T1 service, the first step is to verify proper circuit operation throughout the networkby testing the physical layer. Typical requirements include BER testing and signal, alarm, and timing tests to ensure proper performance of T1 network connections. BER testing is typically conducted from the customer premises at an NIU or HTU-R. To identify and sectionalize circuit problems from network equipment faults, the FST-2209 monitors and performs BER testing in both directions of a circuit simultaneously. The use of standard or user-programmable loop codes to loopback network equipment allows technicians to further sectionalize network troubles. In addition to commonly used BER patterns such as QRSS, the test instrument also offers several industry-recommended, advanced stress patterns, including 55 octet and T1-DALY to ensure network performance.