JDSU/Acterna Fireberd 6000A+options

JDSU/Acterna Fireberd 6000A+options
Manufacturer: JDSU/Acterna/TTC /WG
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JDSU/Acterna Fireberd 6000A+options 

JDSU/Acterna Fireberd 6000A+options

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with options

  • 6004 Clock Recovery
  • 6006 Precision Time Base
  • 6007 G.703 Wideband Jitter Measurement and Generation
  • 6008 G.703 Jitter Spectral Analysis

 The Fireberd 6000A Communications Analyzer brings advanced testing capabilities to todays data networks, enabling you to maximize your testing capabilities and minimize your training costs. Whether your test requirements include Async or ATM testing, physical layer and data link layer analysis, or generation and measurement of the jitter tolerance of your T1 or 2M circuits, the Fireberd 6000A gives you the power to analyze most network interfaces found within your network. With an intuitive, menu-driven test methodology, the Fireberd 6000A performs traditional bit error analysis, frame and cell generation, along with signal, performance and timing measurements. The Fireberd 6000A is fully programmable, with customized printouts, programmable user patterns, frequency synthesizer, and user-defined flow control. Its a great way to protect your network.

Many Capabilities, One Instrument
  • Perform bit error, signal and performance analysis on datacom, T1/FT1, 2M/Nx64, DDS, E3 and T3 services
  • Perform analog tests with VF and wideband Transmission Impairment Measurement Set (TIMS) tests on analog and digital transmission lines with the TIMS-45 Lid.
  • Complete jitter generation and measurements on T1, 2M and 64 kb/s circuits
  • Monitor and generate traffic on ATM and frame relay networks Customize Your Testing Needs
  • Recall up to ten of your most frequently used test scripts with the push of a button
  • Choose the configuration settings that you require and the Fireberd 6000 filters and prints the results Save Time with Automation and Remote Testing
  • Automate your testing routine with Dynamic Script Generator software
  • Maximize your Fireberd 6000s ability as a frame relay solution with NetAnalyst.
  • Reduce response time and extend the reach of your field technicians in any test environment

In the Field

   A single field service package meets a wide array of test requirements. Whether troubleshooting, benchmarking, or installing circuits, the Fireberd 6000A is an indispensable tool for getting the job done quickly. The Fireberd 6000¿s menu driven design keeps setup time to a minimum¿you can even store and recall your most frequently used configurations with the push of a button. The front-panel display lets you monitor key test results at a glance, and the optional integrated lid printer gives you hard copy documentation of all your findings. And because the Fireberd 6000A offers such an extensive array of measurements and alarm reports, you can accurately find problems the first time and eliminate the need for a second trip.