JDSU/Acterna 2230 E1 Test Pad+ISDN

JDSU/Acterna 2230 E1 Test Pad+ISDN
Manufacturer: JDSU/Acterna/TTC /WG
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Acterna/JDSU 2230 E1 Test Pad


JDSU/Acterna 2230 E1 Test Pad

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with options

  • 2M
  • Datacom
  • BERT
  • CAS
  • Frequency Synthesizer
  • Sys App
  • VF
  • ISDN Protocols

JDSU/Acterna 2230 E1 and data communications module that supports business services including ISDN PRA and BRA, CAS, DASS2, and Frame Relay  

   The 2230 E1/Data Communications Analyzer provides all necessary test functions and interfaces to install, commission, and maintain Digital Leased Line, ISDN PRA, CAS, DASS2, and Frame Relay services. This solution lowers the cost of providing and maintaining business services. Physical and service layer problems are solved quickly; service performance is proven rapidly and consistently. Reducing the amount of equipment field engineers need to carry results in lower purchasing and whole-life costs.

E1 and Data Physical Layer Testing

   When installing and commissioning E1 and data based digital leased lines, all aspects of the line¿s performance must be tested, from bit error ratio to network equipment function and stability. Higher layer services (e.g. ISDN, Frame Relay) that may be run over these lines could also fail to turn up due to problems at the physical layer, further demanding similar tests to ensure satisfactory performance. When maintaining digital leased lines, problems can occur due to poor connections, transmission errors, and faulty or incorrectly configured network components. Successful resolution requires a flexible test instrument to rapidly guide the engineer to the cause of the problem. To ensure that service is provisioned properly, testing and troubleshooting on the basic E1 or V.xx data circuit is essential.

  • Modular E1 and data services testing solution for the Acterna TestPad.
  • Supports physical layer testing over E1 balanced and unbalanced circuits as well as BRI and data interfaces.
  • Dual receivers enable full link monitoring and timing analysis.
  • Full emulation and monitoring of primary and sub-primary rate services, including CAS, ISDN PRA and BRA, DASS2, and Frame Relay.
  • Large, color, touch-screen display of test results with "View" and "Event Log" displays for rapid fault analysis and identification.
  • Offline expert analysis of results by ISDNpartner.
  • Installing, commissioning, and maintaining E1 and data circuits.
  • Installing, commissioning, and maintaining ISDN PRA and BRA, DASS2, CAS, and Frame Relay services.
Key Features
  • E1 and data physical layer testing.
  • Comprehensive service testing and monitoring.
  • Clear results presentation, including "Views".
  • Quick tests provide rapid test initiation.
  • Triggers and Event Log.