INNO Instrument View 500 OTDR

INNO Instrument View 500 OTDR
Manufacturer: Inno Instrument
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INNO View 500 OTDR

Rent me for $350 a month or buy me for 12 equal payments of $400 a month


The Inno Instrument View 500 OTDR is a well built physically tough unit with excellent local factory support


OTDR Module

Dynamic range                                            1310 / 1550 ±20nm

Event dead zone                                                     0.8m

Attenuation dead zone                                         4m

Sampling point                                                    160,000

Sampling resolution ratio                           Above 0.04m

Loss threshold value                                           0.01dB

Real time refresh rate                                           1s


Wavelengths                                                1310 / 1550nm

Max. measurement distance                     100 to 150KM

Numbers of Splitting branches                           128

VFL module

Operating wavelength                                650 ±10nm

Interface                                                           20MW

Operating mode                               2.5mm universal interface

Power                                      1) Turn off 2) Continuous light 3) Blink: 2 to 3s

Fiber Microscope Interchangeable port

(FC,SC) / PC (FC,SC) / APC


Detector type                                           InGaAs / GeGeX

Type of fiber interface                  Support 2.5mm universal interface

Wavelength calibration                850 / 1300 / 1310/ 1490 / 1550 / 1625nm

Measurement range                                 -70 to +6dbm

Accuracy                                                           0.01dB

Units displayed                 dBm, Mw, uW