INNO View 3 Active V-Groove Fusion Splicer

INNO View 3 Active V-Groove Fusion Splicer
Manufacturer: Inno Instrument
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INNO View 3 Active V-Groove Fusion Splicer


INNO View 3 Active V-Groove Fusion Splicer

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View 3, active v-groove clad-alignment fusion splicer with the highest magnification, is one of the most dependable splicers on the market. View 3 has a user friendly, intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) with a 5 inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen that is easy to see and use. With the high-performance and cost-effectiveness, View 3 provides satisfactory working experience for its users in FTTx field. In addition, View 3 is compatible with being widely used fibers and cables, even for splice-on connector. It combines the functions of both splicing and heating for those cables, which are popular in FTTx: 250ìm fiber, 900ìm fiber, 3mm fiber, flat cable, and splice-on connector.

View 3 FTTx ARC Fusion Splicer Features Include: Active V-groove Clad Alignment Method The World's Highest Magnification and Resolution 5" Color High Resolution Touch Screen 3 Bright LED for Dark Environment Mirrorless Design for improved work efficiency 5mm cleave length for 250µm/900µm/3 mm, Flat cable, and SOC 35 Splicing Modes Illuminated Keypads Harsh Weather Conditions Adaptability


  • Splicing Method: Active V-Groove Clad Alignment Splicing Method
  • Average loss: SM(0.02dB) | MM(0.01dB) | DS(0.04dB) | NZDS(0.04dB) | G.657(0.02dB)(ITU-T Standard)
  • Return loss >> 60 dB
  • Splice time: 9s average SM | 7s SM Quick Mode
  • Tension Test: 1.96~2.25N (standard)
  • Electrode Lifespan: > 3,500 arcs, can be extended by using an electrode grinder
  • Applicable fiber: SM(ITU-TU.652 and G.657), MM(ITU-TU.651), DS(ITU-T G.653),NZDS(ITU-T G.655)
  • Cleaved length:8 - 16mmDiameter < 0.125mm 1mm = 8-16mm Coating diameter > 0.25mm = 16mm minimum
  • Compatible Fiber Cable: 0.25-3.0mm, Indoor Cable
  • Heating time:30 seconds
  • Protection sleeve: 20mm, 60mm
  • Terminal: USB2.0, MINI USB, HDMI
  • Results Storage:The last 2000 results
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V input or DC 9-14V
  • Fiber View and Magnification: X, Y, XY, X/Y style: 520X Magnification
  • Automatic arc calibration by air pressure and temperature

Double Tapping

    By double-tapping the screen, users can zoom in the fiber image to the industry's highest magnification of 520x. Fiber condition can be easily checked with unaided eyes