IFR/Aeroflex 1900 Communications Service Monitor

IFR/Aeroflex 1900 Communications Service Monitor
Manufacturer: IFR/Aeroflex
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IFR/Aeroflex 1900 Communications Service Monitor


IFR/Aeroflex 1900 Communications Service Monitor

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   The IFR/Aeroflex 1900 CSA provides you with the industry's only accepted test solution for TIA/EIA-136 analysis, including critical adjacent power measurements and power measurements down to -40 dBm, which allows the user to test the base station without taking it off-line. It is capable of performing the critical dual-mode analog/digital authentication and protocol compliance tests for TIA/EIA-136 dual mode mobiles. As for flexibility, the IFR/Aeroflex 1900 CSA provides the capability to perform both mobile and base station conformance testing. And with the VSELP and ACELP vocoder technology as standard features, the IFR-1900 CSA can handle today's latest technology.

   The IFR/Aeroflex 1900 CSA comes with a wide array of application software options. The AC1036 Protocol Conformance Test Software provides an excellent way to verify software conformance of TIA/EIA-136 mobiles. Other applications software supports automated tests for the most widely used base station applications.

AMPS Solutions

   Engineered to be a true dual-mode test solution, the IFR/Aeroflex 1900 CSA also incorporates AMPS and NAMPS mobile and base station compliance test features. Automatic test routines and user defined print outs enhance manual mode testing for both mobiles and base stations. Open control channel simulations, voice channel signaling, home/roam condition, home SID, SAT, DSAT, DST, DCC, SINAD reference points, RF power windows, and other AMPS/NAMPS functions and signaling routines allow complete AMPS and NAMPS system testing.

A Full Complement of Service Monitor Functions to 2 GHz

   The IFR/Aeroflex 1900 CSA gives you full frequency domain analysis to 2 GHz with a fully featured spectrum analyzer and tracking generator built-in. The IFR/Aeroflex 1900 CSA also offers a full complement of standard service monitor features including a full span digitized oscilloscope to 1 MHz, DVM and SINAD functions, frequency and channel tables, selectable IF filters, and a wide variety of displays.


  • The industry accepted simulator for TIA/EIA-136 conformance testing
  • Tri-Band, 400/800 MHz and 1900 MHz PCS test capable
  • Comprehensive TIA/EIA-136 conformance testing
  • Analog and digital authentication compliance testing option
  • TIA/EIA-136 hyperband handoff
  • Fully automated remote testing ability with RS-232 or IEEE-488 (GPIB) interfaces
  • Intuitive test set up screens for easy .Guided. user testing
  • VSELP and ACELP vocoder functions allow verification of voice quality
  • Full featured 2 GHz service monitor with spectrum analyzer and tracking generator
  • Standard constellation IQ display for quick assessment of digital mobile or base station transmitter modulation

   In addition to the 2 GHz RF generator, the IFR/Aeroflex 1900 CSA also provides full audio/data generator capabilities, full level control and measurement facilities and precision power control features for enhanced sensitivity and high accuracy testing needs. Analog paging encoding/decoding, DTMF, tone coded squelch, digital squelch, AM modulation/demodulation along with two separate AF generators and cross band duplex gives added test versatility in a variety of wireless systems.