Haefely IP6.2 Coupling Network

Haefely IP6.2 Coupling Network
Manufacturer: Haefely
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Haefely IP6.2 Coupling Network


Haefely IP6.2 Coupling Network

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   The Hafely IP6.2 surge coupler is used to couple the 1.2/50 µs, 8/20 µs, 10/160ms, 10/560ms and 10/700 µs surge impulses on data, signal and telecom lines. Coupling is effected via gas arrestors,
capacitors and resistors. The three coupling methods can be selected, depending on the signals to be transmitted. The Hafely IP6.2 is used either on it's own or with a decoupling unit such as the Haefely
DEC 1A or DEC 3A.


  • 4 wire integrated unit coupling
  • CWG surges coupling 10/700 surges
  • test circuit impedance maintained at 40 ohms
  • resistor, capacitor and gas arrestor coupling manual operation
  • can be used with any surge generator
  • impulse power 6.6kV
  • supplied to ISO 9001

   In its standard form, the IP6.2 can be used for testing to IEC, FCC, FTZ and ITU (CCITT) standards. The Hafely IP6.2 is able to cover so many standards thanks to a thorough understanding of
telecoms requirements. Our commitment is your guarantee. This concept enables different test methods to be implemented at very little cost in time or money, thus protecting the financial investment and
enabling customers to keep up with changing standards and test requirements. Typical standards which can be addressed are:

  • IEC 621-4-5 (both impulse types)
  • ITU (CCITT) K20, K21
  • FCC part 68

   The Hafely IP6.2 is designed to a high technical specification for product quality, flexibility and personnel safety. The standard unit includes three coupling possibilities

  • resistors
  • capacitors
  • gas arrestors

   IEC 621-4-5 describes testing of up to 4 data and telecom cables. The test system must always have a 40 ohm impedance. An important feature of IP6.2 is it's ability to maintain this impedance, for
telecoms testing, for both the 10/700 and CWG impulses. The IP6.2 requires no external power supplies and can be operated with any surge generator up to 6.6kV. The IP6.2 is a versatile unit for
multiple line coupling. The Front panel of the IP6.2 is a graphical representation of the coupling circuits making configuration to the different surge test standards fast and easy.

  • 40W / 25 to 100W
  • 40W / 0.5mF
  • 40W / 0.1mF

   Coupling paths are selected using high voltage safety plugs on the instrument front panel. Together with the Haefely EMC decoupling units DEC1A (for analogue Telecom) and DEC3A (for I/O datalines)    The IP6.2 provides a cost effective straightforward solution to increasingly complex test standards.