Gordon Kapes MZ-1 Page Controller

Gordon Kapes MZ-1 Page Controller
Manufacturer: Gordon Kapes
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Gordon Kapes MZ-1 Page Controller


Gordon Kapes MZ-1 Page Controller

   The MZ-1 is designed to provide a voice paging connection between a telephone system and a voice paging/background music system. It.s appropriate for a wide variety of paging applications, from a simple single-zone system, to a specialized multi-zone implementation. Extensive capabilities provide a level of features and performance not found in other .page adapters.. The MZ-1 is simply an excellent product.

   Paging installations are notorious for requiring .special. configurations. With the MZ-1.s host of features, you.ll achieve a customized installation without the hassles of adding extra equipment or wiring. Larger installations, such as airports or medical centers, are easily accomplished using multiple MZ-1s. The override input connections allow an installer to easily create a multi-zone system. For security-conscious facilities, an unlimited number of page override priority levels are possible.

   The MZ-1 pays special attention to maintaining audio quality, while actually enhancing it in some cases. A special circuit eliminates the extraneous clicks and pops commonly associated with page adapters. The MZ-1 smoothly routes page, background music, and night tone audio. An audio compressor circuit automatically adjusts the level of the page audio to ensure that all pages are intelligible. Differences in voice level will not interfere with page quality. A background music source can be connected with a loudness compensation circuit to improve the sound. The audio output is designed to directly connect to most audio amplifiers and/or amplified speakers. The output circuit utilizes a transformer, helping to minimize the chance of hum and noise pickup. Many PBX systems provide a 20Hz ringing signal in the form of a universal night answer (UNA) line. This UNA line can be connected to the MZ-1.s integral night tone generator, providing an audio alert over the paging system. In addition to connecting a ringing signal, a contact closure or logic signal can activate night tone. Controls allow adjustment of the night tone pitch and level. The MZ-1 provides a general-purpose relay contact. It can serve a .page enable. contact closure when connected to an audio amplifier.

   A short tone is sent to the person making a page each time the MZ-1 is accessed. This provides a confirmation that the paging system was accessed. An envelope  modified version of this tone can also be sent to the paging system if a .pre-page. alert tone is desired. A control allows the alert tone level to be adjusted.

   The MZ-1 is self-contained and ready to wall mount. A UL-listed 24Vac transformer is included to provide power. Four LED indicator lights provide assistance during installation, operation, and maintenance.


  • Dimensions 8.75 inches high (22.2cm) 8.75 inches wide (22.2cm) 3.25 inches deep (8.3cm)
  • Weight 1.6 pounds (0.73kg)
  • Mounting Wall mounts with four #8 screws
  • Power Requirements 24Vac or 24Vdc, 170mA maximum