GNNettest Interwatch 96000 System

GNNettest Interwatch 96000 System
Manufacturer: GNNettest/Anritsu
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GNNettest Interwatch 96000 System with ATM


GNNettest Interwatch 96000 System with ATM

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with installed modules

  • CPU Module
  • Primary Protocol Engine V2
  • Secondary Protocol Engine V3.0
  • 4 DS1/E1 Modules
  • 3 E1/ATM Modules
  • 4 ATM Processor Modules
  • 1 DS1/WAN/ATM Module

 The InterWatch platform is a powerful, complete network test solution. It provides a combination of modular interfaces and applications to meet the needs of the most challenging test environments. The InterWatch architecture provides application testing support for leading technologies including Voice over IP (VoIP), Generalized /Multi Protocol Label Switching (G.MPLS/MPLS), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), Quality of Service (QoS), ATM Signaling (UNI, PNNI), Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA), IP Performance Testing and Access technologies.


  • Scalable architecture
  • High port density
  • Portable or rack-mount configuration
  • Powerful protocol engines for real-time decodes and analysis of the 7-layer OSI model
  • X-window client support for multiple, concurrent users
  • Common software applications and hardware interfaces that work on both the portable or rack-mount configurations
  • Automated testing

  The InterWATCH® Performance and Verification Both interWATCH systems can be remotely accessed System provides the industry's most comprehensive, using any of a number of supported X-window scalable application testing solution available. - clients, permitting multiple users to simultaneously period. Bringing all elements of superior network configure and perform independent testing from performance testing into a single unit, the remote UNIX or PC workstations.interWATCH offers a superior modular platform for The extensive software applications and hardware testing today's high-speed networks, while modules are identical for both units, allowing users guaranteeing solutions for tomorrow. the flexibility to swap interface modules between The scalable interWATCH architecture provides systems, based on individual test requirements. application testing support for leading technologies All testing on the interWATCH can be automated including Voice over IP (VoIP), Quality of Service with the aid of the Automated Test Authoring Kit (QoS), ATM Signalling (UNI, PNNI), Inverse (ATAK). ATAK provides an intuitive user environment