Genrad/IET 1865 Digital Megaohmmeter

Genrad/IET 1865 Digital Megaohmmeter
Manufacturer: Genrad/IET
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Genrad/IET 1865 Digital Megaohmmeter


Genrad/IET 1865 Digital Megaohmmeter

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Precision Measurements

   The 1865 provides resistance measurement capability from 1kΩ to 100TΩ (test voltage dependent) with a basic accuracy of 0.5%. To meet test requirements for a wide range of devices, the test voltage is fully programmable up to 21V DC. Sensing the proper resistance measurement range is done automatically, thus eliminating setup errors; and in order to eliminate lead or fixture errors, the operator can easily initiate an automatic zeroing routine of test leads.

Pass/Fail Testing

   Measured results are automatically compared to an operator programmed limit for pass/fail testing. Pass/Fail indicator lights or a pass/fail output from the instrument's I/O interface provide a clear indication of the measured results.

Program and Data Storage

   Test setup conditions and measured results can be stored in instrument memory or on 3 1/2" disk when using the extended program storage option.

Automated Testing

   For automated system applications, the instrument includes an I/O interface connection with remote start and pass/fail outputs. An optional IEEE-488 interface is also available which enables the 1865 to be used under computer control.

Current Display Mode

   Besides a readout of insulation resistance in ohms, the operator can select a display mode for reading the measured current directly.

Safety Features

   The 1865 provides safety features such as current limiting, a warning indicator when high voltage is active, and safety interlock, all for protection of the operator.

Component Test Fixture

   An accessory fixture is available for use with the 1865 which accommodates a variety of component types, including radial, axial and chip components. It's shielded case reduces electrical noise and interference and includes a cover interlock switch and remote start for maximum operator safety.


  • Measurements from 1kΩ to 100TΩ, with Auto Ranging
  • Direct Reading of Measured Resistance or Current
  • 0.5% Basic Measurement Accuracy
  • Programmable Test Voltage from 1 to 21VDC
  • Large LCD Display for Menu Programming and Test Results
  • Fully Programmable Measure Cycle Times
  • Averaging for Increased Accuracy
  • Storage of Multiple Test Setups for Quick Startup
  • RS-232 and PLC Interfaces Standard, IEEE-488 Optional
  • Keypad Lockout with Password Protection
  • Automatic Test Lead Zeroing To Eliminate Connection Errors
  • Limit Entry for Pass/Fail Testing
  • Safety Interlock and High Voltage Indicator for Operator Safety

Why Buy?

  • For precision high resistance measurements over a wide voltage range
  • For automated testing requiring remote start and pass/fail output
  • To data log test results via RS-232 or IEEE-488 interface
  • To transport test results to an Excel spread sheet via 3 ½ disk