Genrad/IET 1644-A Megaohm Impedance Bridge

Genrad/IET 1644-A Megaohm Impedance Bridge
Manufacturer: Genrad/IET
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Genrad/IET 1644-A Megaohm Impedance Bridge


Genrad/IET 1644-A Megaohm Impedance Bridge

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   The Genrad/IET 1644-A Megohm Bridge is ideally suited to measure a wide range of resistance from the insulation resistance of cables, to high-valued resistors, diodes, transistors, to voltage and temperature coefficients of resistance, to volume and surface resistivity of solids. Seven fixed test voltages are available (10 to 21 V), although any voltage between 10 and 21 V may be obtained using an external resistor. Resistance range of 10E+03 to 10E+15 ohms with 1% accuracy to 10E+12 ohms (Delta R measurements to 0.2%). Utilizes self-checking internal standards.  

  • 103 to 1015 ohms
  • 1% accuracy to 1012 ohms
  • ΔR measurements to ±0.2%
  • Seven test voltages
  • Self-checking internal standards

   The Genrad/IET 1644-A will easily measure:

Insulation Resistance of cables, transformers, chokes, components, connectors, wiring, terminals, resistors, capacitors, relays, printed circuits, rotating machines, switches, circuit breakers, meters, strain gages, thermocouples, delay lines, slip rings, commutators, heaters, filters, lightning arresters, and other devices

Resistance of high-valued resistors, resistance films, diodes, transistors, and piezoelectric elements.

Voltage and Temperature Coefficients of resistance.

Volume and Surface Resistivity of solids, such as printed-board material, resins, plastics, potting and casting compounds, rubber, refractories, and semiconductors; of liquids, such as oils, plasticizers, and solvents; and of sheet materials, including plastics, recording tape, and varnished fabrics.

   The circuit is a dc Wheatstone bridge with a high-impedance, high-sensitivity detector. Precision, wire-wound resistors are used for the fixed bridge arm and the lowest-valued decade-step arm. For medium values of the ratio arm, precision metal film resistors are used; for the highest values, carbon film resistors with trimmers. The balancing arm is a wire-wound variable resistor. The guard terminals eliminates the effects of stray resistances to ground. For capacitor leakage resistance measurement, charging time is a fraction of a second.