Fujitsu Next Stream NXS1200F Ethernet Bulk Traffic Generator

Fujitsu Next Stream NXS1200F Ethernet Bulk Traffic Generator
Manufacturer: Fujitsu
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Fujitsu Next Stream NXS1200G Gigabit Ethernet Bulk Traffic Generator


Fujitsu Next Stream NXS1200F Ethernet Bulk Traffic Generator

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The NXS1200F test equipment applies the full Gigabit load on the ports of the test equipment, can monitor performance, it is optimum to the overload test of the advanced switch and performance evaluation. At this full wire transmission function, environment also application such as test and aging test is possible. Furthermore the time of mass production shipment (unmanned) running logging function by the fact that you use collectively, the running contents result file it is possible after the testing to retaining & to refer  the understanding test which connects to false network

False test network is formed, at hypothetical terminal mode, by the fact that random load and the random long frame are transmitted, it is possible from the NXS1200F test equipment to reproduce the load of the network which is closer to truth use. In bit transforming check of data division

Verification is possible concerning the bit transforming of the data division which does not understand formation check function of the UDP frame which inserts PN data pattern (full wire correspondence) with, with just collation of the number of sending and receiving frames and the number of bytes. It can apply to also the verification of relay quality of the suffering test equipment and, the measurement and the like of circuit quality with circuit construction. Reappearance of illegal network environment

Indicating traffic in real time

  • The traffic which is in the midst of over load test 'is indicated with environmental data' type.
    The easy to see bar graph (the LED bar), the line graph (the maximum of 4 pictures) and the like with indication, the number of frames and the number of bytes, information of presence and LINK state etc of error/the alarm/collision can be monitored in real time. (All the port simultaneous indications)


    Item Specifications
    First Ethernet correspondence
    Port (circuit) standard 10BASE-T
    (IEEE802.3/802.3I) Conformity
    (IEEE802.3u) Conformity
    Port (circuit) number 8
    Transmission rate 10Mbps/100Mbps
    Connector RJ45 connector
    Circuit cableUTP cable (category 5)
    Operational mode At automatic negotiation decision or fixing
    (10M/100M, all the/half duplex selective possibilities)
    Flow control It conforms to IEEE802.3x