Fluke Saturn Geo Plus Three and Four Pole Earth Ground Tester

Fluke Saturn Geo Plus Three and Four Pole Earth Ground Tester
Manufacturer: Fluke
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Fluke Saturn Geo Plus Three and Four Pole Earth Ground Tester


Fluke Saturn Geo Plus Three and Four Pole Earth Ground Tester

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Three and four pole earth ground tester with clamp-on capability.  Used for applications where ground rods are impractical.

    The Saturn GEO Plus Earth Ground Tester not only enables the measurement of ground resistance using the classic fall of potential test but also using the selective and stakeless methods. The selective test does not require the electrode under test to be disconnected before measurement, unlike other methods. The stakeless method is quick and simple and replaces stakes with current transformers (probes) that are clamped around the ground conductor under test. Both techniques make it faster and safer to test.


  • Two-pole ac resistance measurement
  • Four- and two-pole dc resistance measurement
  • One button measurement ¿ automatic hold of last set of measurements
  • Limit for verification of measurements
  • Automatic frequency control (AFC) for stable measurements
  • R* measurements at 55Hz for impedance in electricity distribution systems
  • Rugged housing rated to IP56
  • Full range of accessories for conventional and clamp testing

   The Fluke Geo Plus provides the perfect solution by combining the latest technology and years of LEM experience into a compact, field-rugged and extremely easy to use instrument. In addition to performing standard 3- and 4-pole earth resistance measurements, an innovative process accurately measures individual earth electrode resistances in single and meshed earthed systems without disconnecting any parallel electrodes! One specific application of this capability is quick and accurate measurement of power pylon grounds. The Fluke Geo Plus also incorporates the first truly automatic frequency control (AFC) to minimize interference. Before measuring, the instruments identify existing interference and select a measurement frequency to minimize its effect. The Fluke Geo Plus incorporates microprocessor controlled automatic measurements including checking probe hookup to ensure measurements are taken correctly and measuring all probe ground resistances to ensure reliable, repeatable results. Probe resistance and auxiliary earth resistance are also measured and displayed. All measured data, as well as the time-of-day the measurement was taken, can be sent to computer or printed via an RS-232C interface.