Fluke Hydra 2635A Portable Data Acquisition System

Fluke Hydra 2635A Portable Data Acquisition System
Manufacturer: Fluke
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Fluke Hydra 2635A Portable Data Acquisition System


Fluke Hydra 2635A Portable Data Acquisition System

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2635A Hydra Data Bucket

   The ideal choice for gathering and transporting large volumes of data and for working extended periods from remote locations. The Fluke 2635A Hydra Series offers easy portability along with Fluke's built-in signal conditioning and Universal Input Module at a price to fit your budget. You can easily retrieve data from the Hydra units via the RS-232 interface, or through a modem in upload or real-time mode.


   The Hydra Data Bucket comes equipped with a 256 KB PCMCIA card and is also available with either a 1 MB, 2 MB, or 4 MB memory card to suit your data storage needs. Data may be uploaded from these cards via the 2635A Hydra RS-232 port, the optional 263XA-803 memory card drive, or from your computer's standard PCMCIA slot. Real-time data can be simultaneously transferred to a PC at the same time it is recorded to the memory card.

Quick setups

   Simply push a few front panel buttons or load instrument setups from the memory card.

Fail-safe features

   The Hydra Data Bucket gives advance indication of a low battery or low memory condition on the memory card. Its internal memory buffer continues to store up to 70 scans while the card is removed.

Universal Input Module

   The removable Universal Input Module enables fast, convenient set-up and reconfiguration. Any combination of dc voltage, ac voltage, thermocouple, RTD, resistance, or frequency measurements can be connected to the input module without the need for additional signal conditioning. Thermocouple reference junction compensation is automatically performed by sensing the temperature of the input module's isothermal block. For applications with multiple measurement locations, purchasing additional input modules provides the ability to quickly connect and disconnect a Hydra to these various sites while leaving all sensor wiring intact.

Portable Operation

   The Fluke 2635A Hydra Data Bucket has been designed for applications where data is gathered in a stand-alone manner "on location" and later uploaded to a PC for analysis and/or archiving. Three models of the Hydra Data Bucket are available with PC memory cards ranging in size from 256K, 1 Mb, 2Mb and 4Mb in size. Up to 450,000 readings may be stored on a 2M byte memory card. For applications where large amounts of data are generated, you may swap memory cards without interrupting the Data Bucket's scanning.