Fluke Etherscope Series II Network Assistant

Fluke Etherscope Series II Network Assistant
Manufacturer: Fluke
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Fluke Etherscope Series II Network Assistant


Fluke Etherscope Series II Network Assistant

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with options

  • Lan Option ES-LAN_OPT
  • Internetwork Throughput Generator ES-ITO-OPT
  • Fiber Option ES-Fiber-OPT
  • Wireless LAN Adapter CB9
   First responders to network emergencies rely on the EtherScope Series II Network Assistant when it's time for action - a handheld portable network analyzer combining essential tools that help network professionals quickly solve the wide range of problems they encounter - 10,100 and Gigabit, twisted pair and optical fiber LANs and wireless LANs. Less is more when you need to respond to network problems quickly.  By integrating installation, troubleshooting and maintenance tools, the EtherScope Series II costs 17% less and drives a 66% time savings over a collection of single-purpose solutions.  And EtherScope works right out of the box because it's 100% Fluke Networks.  In addition, Series II is 60% smaller and 78% lighter which puts more troubleshooting power in your hands where and when you need it. The EtherScope Analyzer  provides an instant view on the state of the network with its information-rich Autotest Results main screen and tri-color LEDs. Multiple tests run concurrently, speeding problem discovery.
  • Analyze Gigabit and Wireless LANs to solve problems fast
  • 10/100/Gig twisted pair LAN interface
  • Gigabit fiber SFP LAN interface
  • 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN analysis
  • Monitor network traffic and switch interfaces
  • Discover devices, networks, VLANs, access points, mobile clients and more
  • RFC 2544 and ITO network performance measurement

   You are working on one of many top-priority projects when you get the call. The network is down. Your company looks to you to bring its business-critical network back up quickly. There's no time to waste. You grab your trusted assistant and rush off to solve the problem, confident you have the essential set of tools you need to analyze, isolate, and solve the problem... or at least prove its not the network.

   With EtherScope Series II, you can:

  • Solve Gigabit Ethernet problems fast on copper and fiber optic networks test at Gigabit speeds with the full-duplex 10/100/21 twisted pair interface or optional SX, LX or ZX optical fiber interface.
  • View wireless networks add the 802.11 a/b/g wireless network analysis option to troubleshoot todays mixed wired and wireless networks. A full suite of tests including detailed information about RF signal strength, access point and client configurations, and network utilization.
  • Discover switches fast locate available interfaces, active ports, MAC, IP, SNMP name, and link speed.
  • Capture detailed network information locate, view, and store 1,000 network devices in the on-board database. Drill down on any device to see its configuration, addressing, and status.