Fluke 97 50 MHz Scopemeter

Fluke 97 50 MHz Scopemeter
Manufacturer: Fluke
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Fluke 97 50 Mhz Scopemeter


Fluke 97 50 MHz Scopemeter

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 The Fluke 97 Scopemeter is the benchmark tester for everything that came after it. A two channel oscilloscope and built in multimeter provide a wealth of useful troubleshooting information. Powerful, portable and accuracy in a small hand held unit. The Fluke 97 ScopeMeter combines the capabilities of a dual-trace, digital storage oscilloscope with the versatility of a digital multimeter. This combination allows you to analyze and compare complex waveforms, read voltage levels, or simply measure resistance.


  • Bandwidth: 50 MHz Dual Channel
  • Sample Rate: 25 Megasamples/second
  • Autoset: Automatically sets Voltage, Time & Trigger
  • Multimeter Display: 3 2/3 Digits (> 3000 Counts)
  • True RMS Volts: AC or AC+DC up to 600V (1700V Pk-Pk)
  • Resistance: 30 ohm to 30 Mohm
  • Diode Test: up to 2.8V
  • Continuity Beeper
  • Time/Division: 10 ns/div to 60 sec/div
  • Volts/Division: 1 mV/div to 100 V/div
  • Digital Delay or Pre-Trigger: By Number of Cycles, Events, Time or Zoom Mode
  • Special Multimeter Modes: Min Max Average Record with Time Stamp, Relative (zero), dBm, dBV, dBW, Audio Watts, %Scale, Frequency, %Duty Cycle, Smoothing┬┐, Change Alert┬┐
  • Oscilloscope Cursors: 15 Measurements, Display 5 Simultaneously
  • Glitch Capture: >40 ns
  • Waveform Processing: Average, Min Max, Record, Variable Persistence
  • Waveform Memory: Store & Recall 8 Waveforms
  • Set-up Memory: Store & Recall 10 Front Panel Set-Ups
  • Waveform Mathematics: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Invert, Filter or Integrate Waveforms
  • Signal Generator Output: Sine wave or Square wave
  • Component Tester Output: voltage or current ramp
  • Size: 2.4" H x 5.1" W x 10.2" L
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs