Fluke 683 Enterprise LANMeter

Fluke 683 Enterprise LANMeter
Manufacturer: Fluke
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Fluke 683 Enterprise LANMeter

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The Enterprise LANMeter® - powerful network analysis, right in your hands.

Plummeting per-port costs for Fast Ethernet hubs and user demands for higher bandwidth to the desktop are forcing many networks to adopt 10/100 Ethernet as the technology of choice for growth and for replacement of aging hardware. To support this trend, Fluke added direct connectivity for 10/100 Ethernet to the already popular Enterprise LANMeter series test tools.

The 683 (10/100 Ethernet)  Enterprise LANMeter takes advantage of the support for Fast Ethernet offered by implementing a complete auto-negotiate sensing capability. Users may connect to 10 or 100 Mbps Ethernet drops indiscriminately, and the instrument will automatically detect which speed is present and link accordingly. Or, if advanced testing is appropriate, the user may configure 10 or 100 Mbps explicitly in order to force a connection at the desired speed.


Enterprise LANMeter® test tools support Fast Ethernet and centralized network management strategies.

Are Fast Ethernet switched hubs frustrating to troubleshoot? Connect to a 100 Mbps port anywhere on the network and you will begin to see some of the Fast Ethernet LANMeter features.

The Enterprise LANMeter functioning as an HTTP server supports a centralized network management philosophy by providing you access to its troubleshooting and analysis information from a remote location.

In addition to the features found in the 682 or 685 Enterprise LANMeter, the 683 offers the following:

  • Fast Ethernet support
  • Web-enabled access
  • Test results export via e-mail
  • Cisco Systems Catalyst 5000 Series private
  • MIB support
  • Improved VLAN support using Cisco Systems
  • ISL protocol
  • Improved documentation capabilities - including multiple-day data logs
  • Fiber optic cable test option

General Specifications

Dimensions 11.5 x 7.0 x 2.65 in

Weight 4.5 lbs

Power Removable/Rechargeable NiCad (9 Sub-C Cells) with average 3 hours operating time. Recharges in three hours.

Communication Port RS-232C Serial Port (DB-9)

Network Ports

  • Ethernet:
  • HUB Connector (RJ-45)
  • NIC Connector (RJ-45)
  • BNC (ThinLAN)

Operating Temperature 10 to 30 C