Fluke 52 Digital Thermometer

Fluke 52 Digital Thermometer
Manufacturer: Fluke
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Fluke 52 Digital Thermometer Dual Channel
Fluke 52 Digital Thermometer Dual Channel

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   The dual-channel Fluke 52 has all the capabilities of the Fluke 51, plus additional measurement functions and high-performance features. With its dual thermocouple inputs (T1 and T2), the Fluke 52 can calculate and display the temperature difference between two different sources (DIFFERENTIAL Mode)-ideal for measuring input-output temperature changes, and trend information. Other features include SCAN Mode, a unique feature for continuous scanning through a measurement sequence, (T1, T2,), (T1 -T2); and MIN/MAX RECORD, allowing minimum and maximum temperatures from any one of its three channels (T1, T2, or T1 -T2) at one time; and user-selected resolution.

  • User selectable oC or oF
  • 1oC or 0.1oC (1oF or 0.2oF) resolution - internal jumper
  • Accepts J- or K-Type Thermocouples
  • Wide variety of interchangeable thermocouple probes available
  • READ Hold
  • Self test
  • Single Thermocouple Input (Fluke 51 only)
  • Dual Thermocouple Input (Fluke 52 only)
  • Differential Temperature (T1 -T2) (Fluke 52 only)
  • SCAN Function (T1, T2, T1 -T2, . . .) (Fluke 52 only)
  • MIN/MAX Record (Fluke 52 only)
  • Push Button Selectable Resolution