FE Test ParaScope 2000 WAN Probe

FE Test ParaScope 2000 WAN Probe
Manufacturer: FE Test
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FE Test ParaScope 2000 WAN Probe


FE Test ParaScope 2000 WAN Probe

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 The ParaScope 2000 WAN Probe is a telecom and datacom analyzer that can be remotely operated to capture and transmit up to 2.048 Mbps. It integrates comprehensive multinterface testing functionality that is operated via a simple intuitive user interface. It has been especially designed for the technical engineer who has the responsibility of analyzing network problems on T1/E1, Frame Relay, ISDN PRI/BRI and SS7 circuits. Use it to resolve physical layer problems through it¿s ability to monitor, emulate and log vital signal parameters, alarms and error conditions. Pass/fail indicators along with Expert assistance software guarantee you will be the telecom expert. With 7-layer protocol analysis and a full suite of performance statistics included, ParaScope 2000 Probe provides you with all the necessary tools you need to quickly resolve any datacom problem you are likely to face.

Standard Interfaces

  • T1/ISDN PRI, E1/ISDN PRI, RS-232,
  • X-21, V.35/36, RS-449, RS-530,
  • RS-422/423

Telecom Analysis

  • Pass/Fail Indicators
  • Measure frequency, amplitude, and power
  • Detect alarm conditions
  • Detect & count errors and violations
  • Bit error testing
  • ISDN PRI/BRI call placement/answer with Call Expert
  • DTMF (groundstart, loopstart, winkstart) call placement/answer with Call Expert
  • 24x7 Alarm Logging
  • Simulation

Datacom Analysis

  • 7 layer encapsulated decodes, TCP/IP, H.323 VoIP, Novell, Appletalk and more...
  • GR-303, SS7 (ANSI & ITU), DPNSS/DASS2, X.25, SNA, PPP, SLIP, V.120, V5.x
  • Frame relay emulation with expert
  • Frame simulator
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Async, Sync, Bisync and Bit Oriented (HDLC-based)

     Combine the ParaScope 2000 Probe with our world proven WanXL software and operate the most advanced multi-interface analyzer with sheer ease and simplicity. Load and and run your test applications at the click of a button. View the complete test results in a single window that provides a clear indication of errors, alarms and signal measurements that are out of tolerance. It comes with a custom carrying case, slim line power supply and software. In short, every thing you need and nothing you don¿t.