Exfo IQ-3300 Variable Back Reflector

Exfo IQ-3300 Variable Back Reflector
Manufacturer: Exfo
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Exfo IQ-3300 Variable Back Reflector


Exfo IQ-3300 Variable Back Reflector

   As part of the IQ family, the Exfo IQ-3300 back reflector module integrates advanced testing applications with a simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface. The Windows¿ application software ensures a rapid learning curve and provides impressive flexibility. Custom applications for automatic testing or monitoring can easily be created.

  The Exfo IQ-3300 Variable Back Reflector consists of a variable attenuator and a precision mirror coupled to an input port, an output port, and a monitor port. The internal variable attenuator varies the intensity of the reflected light coupled back into the system. The monitor port provides access for direct monitoring of the reflected power.

Why Do I Need a Variable Back Reflector?

   It is well known that optical reflections cause problems in many of todays high performance fiberoptic networks. When designing or evaluating these systems (or components), it is important to determine their sensitivity to reflection. By introducing a precise calibrated reflection, system performance (bit error rate, noise levels, or distortion) can be monitored and evaluated. Appropriate measures (isolators, directional couplers, APC connectors, etc.) can then be introduced to safeguard the system. Alternatively, you may find that your system is relatively immune to reflections and that costly, low reflection components are unnecessary.


  • Bit error rate vs. return loss characterization
  • Source power stability measurements
  • Source spectral stability measurements
  • System noise performance tests
  • Distortion tests
  • Return loss meter certification