Exfo IQ-3200 Return Loss Meter

Exfo IQ-3200 Return Loss Meter
Manufacturer: Exfo
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Exfo IQ-3200 Return Loss Meter


Exfo IQ-3200 Return Loss Meter

Exceptional Performance in a Modular Package

   With a dynamic range of 0 to -80 dB, the IQ-3200 brings you top performance, whether for measuring the reflectance of components typically showing extremely low backreflection, or for performing measurements beyond known reflection generators (e.g., when testing multiple components along a fiber connection).


  • Accuracy of ± 0.35 dB
  • Linearity of ± 0.015 dB
  • Spectral range of 1250 to 1630 nm (at 1 nm)
  • Resolution of 0.001 dB
  • Low polarization sensitivity
  • Stable reflection reference

Why Measure Backreflection?

   Backreflection contributes to overall power loss, degrades laser performance and interferes with voice and video signal processing. In order to maintain system and component integrity, measuring and controlling backreflection is therefore a must. Two terms are used to quantify backreflection: reflectance and ORL. Reflectance typically designates the reflection at a single interface or reflection site (e.g., connector or splice). It is specific to a single system component. ORL is made up of the combined reflections of a fiber-optic system or subsystem as measured from a specific point. It includes the reflectance of each system component, along with reflections generated along the fiber itself. EXFO's IQ-3200 Return Loss Meter measures both reflectance and ORL, and is an invaluable instrument for system or component design, manufacturing, testing and troubleshooting.

Meeting the Demanding Needs of Laboratory and Manufacturing Environments The IQ Solution

   EXFO's IQ-3200 Return Loss Meter is one of the many modules housed in the flexible, versatile IQ platform. Combine it with the IQ-2100 ORL Light Source in the IQ-203 Optical Test System, and benefit from a first-class connector test station. Change the ORL source for the IQ-2300 ASE Broadband Source or the IQ-2600 Tunable Laser Source, and perform return loss measurements over the WDM wavelength range. The IQ-3200 can also be an integral part of larger, more complex, integrated measurement systems found in research and development environments.

Testing Tip

   When performing return loss measurements, connector cleanliness is key. Connectors contaminated with dirt, dust, fingerprints, etc. will cause erroneous readings. EXFO recommends connectors be thoroughly cleaned with isopropyl alcohol to ensure measurement accuracy.