Exfo IQ-2600B Tunable Laser Source

Exfo IQ-2600B Tunable Laser Source
Manufacturer: Exfo
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Exfo IQ-2600B Tunable Laser Source


Exfo IQ-2600B Tunable Laser Source

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  • Ideal for complete characterization (IL, ORL and PDL) of DWDM passive components.

  • Naturally low spontaneous emission enabling > 75 dB dynamic range.

  • Tuning range of > 100 nm covering both the C- and L- bands: wavelength tuning from 1510 nm to 1612 nm, output power is 0 dBm

  • over the 1515 nm to 1610 nm range.

  • Excellent wavelength accuracy and repeatability.

  • Elimination of connector-induced and other parasitic interference: no mode-hop related measurement problems.

Low Spontaneous Noise Emission

   Over the 1515 nm to 1610 nm range, the IQ-2600B provides more than 75 dB local noise suppression and more than 45 dB in signal-to-total-noise ratio, making them ideal for testing both stopband (notch) and passband filters. When combined with the source┬┐s coherence properties, they are the best tunable lasers on the market for characterizing passive DWDM components.

Greater Than 100 nm Tuning Range

   This second-generation tunable erbium-doped fiber laser delivers exacting wavelength accuracy for long periods of use. Wavelength can now be tuned over a wide range┬┐1510 nm to 1612 nm. Output power is greater than 0 dBm over the critical 1515 nm to 1610 nm range as shown on the right.

Designed Around Your Testing Needs

   The tunable laser source integrates both a monitor output port and a main output port. The monitor port, which is essentially a 5 % tap from the laser cavity, is useful for real-time wavelength monitoring in tests where optimum wavelength accuracy plays a major role. In addition, the main output is regulated in output power and can be attenuated over a 10 dB range. The triggering capability simplifies external synchronization with other instruments such as optical spectrum analyzers, power meters or simple oscilloscopes. All this in a two-slot plug-in module. The modular IQ-2600B configuration operates within the IQ test platform.