Exfo IQ-203 Optical Test System Mainframe

Exfo IQ-203 Optical Test System Mainframe
Manufacturer: Exfo
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Exfo IQ-203 Optical Test System Mainframe


Exfo IQ-203 Optical Test System Mainframe

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  You're working on a solution to bring tomorrow's optical technology closer to today's network. But how do you nurture your solution? Test it? See it through the qualification stages? And once it's out of the starting gate, how do you get it beyond the production floor and into your customers' systems by your delivery date? The answer is the Exfo IQ-203 Optical Test System, EXFO's fully flexible, systems-based approach to optical test and measurement. The Exfo IQ-203 Optical Test System includes top-of-the-line scalable hardware such as a modular platform, expansion units and a complete range of plug-in test modules. The IQ test modules cover the optical T&M spectrum, from simple insertion loss testers all the way up to sophisticated PMD analyzers.


  • Three slots for modules
  • GPIB device or controller (optional)
  • RS-232 port
  • Ethernet card (optional)

   The Exfo IQ-203 Optical Test System is based on standard PC architecture for easy flexibility and integration. The heart of the system lies in the Exfo IQ-203 Control Unit, which houses a Pentium processor and up to three test modules. As testing needs expand, successive six-slot IQ-206 Expansion Units can be added. Even better, over 20 test modules are now available for just about every optical test and measurement requirement. For unmatched connectivity and integration, OLE/OCX controls are included, and LabVIEW drivers and GPIB (IEEE-488.2) controllers can be added.

Test Modules that operate in this system

  • IQ-1100 Power Meter
  • IQ-1200 4-Channel Power Meter
  • IQ-1500 Calibration Power Meter
  • IQ-1600 High-Speed Power Meter
  • IQ-2100 Light Source
  • IQ-2300 ASE Broadband Source
  • IQ-2400 WDM Laser Source
  • IQ-2600B Tunable Laser Source
  • IQ-3100 Variable Attenuator
  • IQ-3200 Return Loss Meter
  • IQ-3300 Variable Reflector
  • IQ-3400 PDL/OL Meter
  • IQ-5100 Polarization Controller
  • IQ-5240 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • IQ-5310 Wavelength Meter
  • IQ-5320 Multi-Wavelength Meter
  • IQ-9100 Optical Switch