Exfo IQ-1200 4 Channel Optical Power Meter

Exfo IQ-1200 4 Channel Optical Power Meter
Manufacturer: Exfo
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Exfo IQ-1200 4 Channel Optical Power Meter


Exfo IQ-1200 4 Channel Optical Power Meter

Model IQ-1203 InGaAs 800 to 1700 nm bandwidth

   The Exfo IQ-1200 4-Channel Power Meter module, a fundamental element of the IQ solution, delivers exceptional performance, flexibility, user-friendliness, and extensive integration capabilities. It offers all the traditional functions of a power meter absolute and relative power measurements, offset nulling, etc. plus full acquisition capability, unique virtual channel features, and a powerful graphical display. The IQ-1200 incorporates four independent photodetectors for multi-channel monitoring or multi-component testing. The Exfo IQ- 1200 is a four independent channel sensitive and accurate optical power meter. It is designed for laboratory and industry applications using the IQ-203 Optical Test System mainframe (or IQ-206 Expansion Unit). The operation of the IQ- 1200 is controlled using the WINDOWS compatible software already installed on the IQ-203. This software provides a user friendly interface offering flexible 4 channel power meter operation. The following features are offered by the IQ- 1200 power meter and its associated software.


  • Four optical channels plus a virtual channel
  • Channel identification and selection
  • Independent channel configuration
  • Power displayed in dB, dBm, or watt (pW, nW, pW, or mW) at a user defined or automatic resolution
  • Absolute, reference, and offset display modes
  • Multiple operating wavelengths at 1 nm resolution
  • Timed and conditional (trigger) data acquisition and storage
  • Ability to save multiple customized configurations

The IQ-1200 is ideally suited for the following measurement applications

  • System monitoring
  • Component monitoring
  • Multi-component testing
  • Remote monitoring and alarm activation
  • WDM component testing
  • Multi-port coupler testing
  • Insertion loss measurement
  • Linearity verification
  • Power meter verification
  • Source stability measurements