Exfo FTB-7500B 1310-1550 nm OTDR

Exfo FTB-7500B 1310-1550 nm OTDR
Manufacturer: Exfo
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Exfo FTB-7500B 1310-1550 nm OTDR


Exfo FTB-7500B 1310-1550 nm OTDR

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FTB-7500B Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) single mode module in a FTB-300 Mainframe

Covers the 1310 to 1550 nanometer range only

   The Exfo FTB-7000B OTDR delivers accurate detection and analysis of fiber splices, connectors, breaks and other events along a fiber link. Thanks to various models including the FTB-74234C-B Triple-Wavelength OTDR and the FTB-7400B-B/FTB-7500B-B OTDRs, which offer a choice of 12 configurations, the FTB-7000B series lets you choose from dynamic ranges ideal for long-haul networks. Also available is the FTB-7200B, a model designed for multimode applications.

   What's more, EXFO's OTDR line features the FTB-7000D OTDR, which is optimized for metro, access and FTTH network testing.


  • Singlemode configurations at 1310, 1410, 1550 and 1625 nm
  • Up to 52 000 acquisition points for sampling
  • High-speed traces starting at 10 seconds
  • Dynamic range of up to 45 dB

   The Exfo FTB-300 is designed to resist the rigors of the worst field conditions as well as stand the test of time. The unit offers shock-proof casing to withstand drops and vibrations. The large, sturdy touch screen is resistant to shock, water, dust, and common chemicals. The outer shell is waterproof with sealed joints, and door panels protect connectors, ports, and the floppy disk drive. The Exfo FTB-300 also complies to all industry standards.

   Today's telecom market imposes test challenges that stem from a never-before seen variety of fiber-optic networks. Ultra-long-haul, high-fiber-count 10 Gb/s and high-speed DWDM networks. CWDM and 2.5 Gb/s metropolitan networks. Passive optical networks (PONs) and other types of access networks. All of these create increasingly specific and demanding testing requirements, making OTDRs more essential than ever for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting networks. EXFO's OTDRs deliver the right tools for accurately detecting and characterizing splices, connectors, splitters, breaks and other events along a fiber link. The FTB-7000B provides a wide choice of configurations to conveniently test all types of networks.