Exfo FTB-5220 1550 nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Exfo FTB-5220 1550 nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Manufacturer: Exfo
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Exfo FTB-5220 1550 nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer


Exfo FTB-5220 1550 nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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Exfo FTB-5220 Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) module in a FTB-300 Mainframe. Covers the 1525 to 1570 nanometer range only

   The Exfo FTB-5220 OSA is a lightweight, portable unit that is specifically designed for technicians who perform tests in tough field conditions. A one-button operation enables you to quickly perform the correct tests and obtain accurate, comprehensive results. Automatic operation offers sweep time and sensitivity auto-ranging, while manual operation permits the selection of manual test parameters for network testing.


  • WDM and EDFA characterization modes
  • Characterizes WDM networks.
  • Best dynamic range for a field portable unit
  • Tests DFBs, EDFAs, filters, couplers, and other passive devices
  • Optional LED source reference
  • Offers fully automatic spectral analysis providing channel central wavelength, peak power, and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
  • User-friendly test data analysis, documentation, and archiving
  • Performs crosstalk measurement.

   The technical specifications of the optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) module meet today¿s most advanced dense WDM system requirements. Specifically built for field use, the OSA features a one-button operation for novice users to quickly and easily perform the right tests and obtain precise, comprehensive test results.

   The Exfo FTB-300 is designed to resist the rigors of the worst field conditions as well as stand the test of time. The unit offers shock-proof casing to withstand drops and vibrations. The large, sturdy touchscreen is resistant to shock,water, dust, and common chemicals. The outershell is waterproof with sealed joints, and door panels protect connectors, ports, and the floppy disk drive. The Exfo FTB-300 also complies to all industry standards.