Exfo FOT-920 Maxtester

Exfo FOT-920 Maxtester
Manufacturer: Exfo
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Exfo FOT-920 Maxtester


Exfo FOT-920 Maxtester Model FOT-922X-BR23BL-EI

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 The FOT-920 MaxTester Automated Loss Test Set is the unit of choice for field technicians in network installation and maintenance. This unit integrates a fully automated bidirectional loss test set (OLTS), a light source and the Ultra-High- Power¿ power meter with useful options, including a full-duplex digital talk set, visual fault locator and optical return loss test set, to create versatile combinations. High-Fiber-Count Installation The FOT-920 gives you the edge when it comes to high-fiber-count installation. First, when doing a large volume of testing, the return on your investment takes less than a year. Second, the FOT-920 reduces the time you spend testing, training and in the field, making it ideal for outside plant applications. OC-48 and OC-192 Systems Due to their high modulation rates, lasers used to transmit at OC-48 and OC-192 speeds are highly sensitive to backreflection. When installing networks designated to transmit at these speeds, measuring backreflection is a must to ensure proper stability of the lasers and their central wavelength. Maximize your testing capacity with the FOT-920 MaxTester.

Explanation of options



  • 2 = Ge
  • 2X = GeX
  • 3 = InGaAs
  • 3XP1 = InGaAs +28dBm
  • 3XP2 = InGaAs +35dBm Power Meter Adapter

Connector types

  • FOA-12 = Biconic
  • FOA-22 = FC/UPC or FC/APC
  • FOA-28 = DIN
  • FOA-32 = ST
  • FOA-54 = SC/UPC or SC/APC
  • FOA-96B = E-2000
  • FOA-97 = LX.5
  • FOA-98 = LC
  • FOA-99 = MU

*The type of connector selected on the fastest port will determine the power meter adapter type.

*Other connector adapters available upon request

Source options

  • 12C = 850/1300nm LED 50/125
  • 12D = 850/1300nm LED 62.5/125 23B = 1310/1550nm LED
  • 23BL = 1310/1550nm laser 34BL = 1550/1625nm laser
  • BR23BL = 1310/1550nm laser + ORL option
  • BR34BL = 1310/1550nm laser + ORL option 04BL = 1625nm laser
  • BR04BL = 1625nm laser + ORL option


  • EI-EUI-28 = UPC/DIN 47256
  • EI-EUI-76 = UPC/HMS
  • EI-EUI-89 = UPC/FC narrow key
  • EI-EUI-90 = UPC/ST
  • EI-EUI-91 = UPC/SC
  • EI-EUI-95 = UPC/E2
  • EA-EUI-28 = APC/DIN 47256
  • EA-EUI-89 = APC/FC
  • EA-EUI-91 = APC/SC
  • EA-EUI-95 = APC/E2/li>