Exfo FLS-230A Visual Fault Locator

Exfo FLS-230A Visual Fault Locator
Manufacturer: Exfo
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Exfo FLS-230A Visual Fault Locator 


The FLS-230A Visual Fault Locator helps you visually pinpoint the location of breaks, faulty splices or connectors within CO splice trays and patch panels. The bright red glow of the FLS-230A indicates where attenuation is reducing your system's performance. Its highly visible laser signal warns you in the event of abnormal losses.

On-the-Spot Applications
The FLS-230A locates breaks, pinches or tight bends, even through light-colored fiber jackets. This tough handheld troubleshoots faults within OTDR dead zones and accelerates end-to-end fiber identification.

Maximum Visibility at Short and Long Ranges
Since it uses a 650 nm laser source, the FLS-230A offers optimal performance, both at short and long ranges. It appears three times brighter than conventional 670 nm fault locators at the launch point, and provides long-distance range for end-to-end identification. In bright ambient light, the flashing mode increases the visibility of the red signal.

Durability and Portability
The FLS-230A offers the go-anywhere ruggedness required to withstand demanding field conditions in a number of environments. A shock-absorbent protective holster provides a convenient tilt stand and a shoulder strap. The tough polycarbonate casing protects the fault locator in case of accidental drops, and the sealed keypad resists splashes and harsh weather.

Three-Way Powering Goes a Long Way
The FLS-230A relies on three complementary power sources for extended operation. When the rechargeable NiCd battery runs low, the unit automatically switches to the 9 V alkaline battery backup. An AC adapter/charger is also supplied for continuous operation.