Electrodata EZ-Tester HD DS1-DS3 Test Set

Electrodata EZ-Tester HD DS1-DS3 Test Set
Manufacturer: Electrodata
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Electrodata EZ-Tester HD DS1-DS3 Test Set


Electrodata EZ-Tester HD DS1-DS3 Test Set

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with options

  • 00 DS1
  • 01 Fractional T1
  • 06 Dial Supervision
  • 09 Primary ISDN
  • 19 Line 2 Hardware
  • 20 DS3

DS3 and dual T1 Testing in a single package

   Electrodata's TTS 3, EZ-TESTER HD represents the most versitile T1 and DS3 transmission test set available. Equipped with the best features and rugged design of the EZ-TESTER Series, the EZ-TESTER HD provides testing support for DS0, T1, and DS3 in a single hand-held test set. The EZ-TESTER HD is available in three basic configurations: DS3 only; DS3 and Single Line DS1; and DS3 and Dual Line DS1. The portable set weighs three pounds, is housed in a rugged metal case, contains rechargeable batteries, and can be operated in temperatures from below 0° F to 140°F.

   The EZ-TESTER HD is designed to perform in-service monitoring and in-service or out-of-service testing on DS1 and DS3 communications equipment and circuits with a guided easy-to-use menu structure. The EZ-TESTER HD features a large liquid crystal display that can handle hot or sub-freezing temperatures, a water resistant front panel, a built in speaker, and plainly marked front panel LED's, all in a rugged metal case. The LCD screen presents setup options, test results, and configuration setup screens. The test set is equipped with an internal speaker and a 2.5 mm headset connection. An optional noise cancelling headset is available for placing calls and for use while testing in high noise environments. The EZ-TESTER HD comes with the standard industry test patterns built in, and user defined patterns are supported at each transport level. In addition, eight user defined test setups can be entered and are then available at the touch of a button.

   The Line Paramaterics Testing option (Option 40) is used to qualify copper lines used in voice frequency service or digital service applications by measuring the electrical and physical characteristics of the line. The option allows the technician to make line voltage measurements and to analyze the line by measuring electrical characteristics, determining length, and counting load coils. The option includes a time domain reflectometer (TDR) function to locate impedance changes in the line that may indicate physical damage, and a spectrum analyzer function to help detect and identify noise sources that may be causing interference at different point in the T1 bandwidth. Also included are tests to perform noise measurements and to measure the level and frequency of signals present on the line.

   This means that you can purchase the basic test set in one of several configurations optioned for DS1 or DS3 testing and then add more capabilities as your testing requirements expand without having to replace your unit or suffer expensive and complicated upgrade procedures.