Electrodata ATS-2 Audio Test Set

Electrodata ATS-2 Audio Test Set
Manufacturer: Electrodata
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Electrodata ATS-2 Audio Test Set


Electrodata ATS-2 Audio Test Set

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   The Electrodata ATS 2 is a full-featured audio test set in a portable, hand-held unit. The set facilitates the installation and maintenance of leased or dial-up circuits and equipment connected to the public switched networks. Designed to comply with IEEE and Bell specifications, the ATS 2 performs all basic analog transmission measurements plus Impulse Noise, Signal-to-Noise and P/AR tests. The ATS 2 can also function as a telephone handset on 2- and 4-wire circuits, with dial, hold, talk and listen capabilities.


  • Menu driven
  • Impulse Noise and Signal-to-Noise tests
  • DTMF or pulse dialing
  • MF dialing optional
  • Tests to IEEE and Bell specifications


   Line: 2-wire or 4-wire Connectors: RJIIC modular jack and dual miniature phone jack (0.173" diameter on 0.312" centers, mates with ADC PJ777 or Switchcraft TT253) DC blocking: 150 volts Normal/Reverse switch: Reverse send and receive Hold circuit: Electronic, 24 ma. Impedance: 600 or 900 ohms Termination: Bridge or terminate Bridging loss: Less than 0.2 dB Return loss: Greater than 30 dB Longitudinal balance: Greater than 80 dB at 60 Hz Greater than 70 dB at 540 Hz Greater than 60 dB at 4 kHz Decreasing 6 dB per octave above 4 Hz


   Batteries: Rechargeable nickel cadmium Battery life: 6 hour minimum per charge, one-half hour minimum after battery low indication Recharge time: 4 hours maximum, with unit turned off AC operation: 115/230 vac, 50/60 Hz Auto shut-off: 15 minutes after last key depression


   Push-to-talk: Built-in condenser microphone Monitor: Adjustable volume, switchable between send and receive Display: 2 line by 16 character, LCD

Display Update

   Normal: 5 times per second Damped: 2 times per second


10"L x 4"W x 2.625"H (254mm x 102mm x 67mm) Weight: 2.25 lbs Operating temperature: 0ºC to 50ºC Storage temperature: -20ºC to 90ºC Humidity: 10% to 90% relative humidity noncondensing