Dranetz BMI 8800 Power Quality Analyzer

Dranetz BMI 8800 Power Quality Analyzer
Manufacturer: Dranetz / BMI
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Dranetz BMI 8800 Power Quality Analyzer
Dranetz/BMI 8800 Power Quality Analyzer

Requires additional current clamps for current measurement

    Simultaneously monitors voltage, current and environment for all three-phase power disturbances This 8-channel instrument measures three-phase voltage and current simultaneously, making it easy to determine the source of a power quality disturbance. It has 4 voltage channels and 4 current channels. It has 8 additional channels for environmental measurements like temperature, temperature rate-of-change, RFI, and humidity. Or you can use the additional channels to monitor AC or DC voltages. Requires consumable thermal paper BMI-S-801. The 8800 is very easy to set up and operate for first time users

4 AC Channel Dranetz BMI 8800 PowerScope - Power Analyzer

  • Gets you to the Source of the Problem.  Quickly provides the information you need to analyze sags, swells, waveshape faults, impulses, harmonics and fluctuations in temperature and humidity
  • Simultaneous Voltage Current.  Voltage and current on one graph
  • High-Speed Impulse Sampling.  Samples impulses at 4 MHz
  • Automatic Zoom.  Disturbance information is automatically "zoomed" to its best resolution
  • Built-In Diskette Storage.  Store up to several weeks worth of data on the optional, built-in 3½" disk drive
  • Snapshots.  Lets you print a graph showing the present condition of voltage and current waveshapes
  • Harmonics Analysis.  Optional, built-in harmonics analysis provides you with THD and spectrum reports
  • Meter Reading.  For added convenience, the 8800 displays real-time voltage, current, frequency, high frequency noise, and environment probe reading in the display window
  • Faster, Higher Resolution Printing.  Can be set up to print graphs every time a disturbance is detected
  • Environmental Monitoring.  A variety of optional environmental probes can be added

Measurement Ranges

  • Voltage: 0 to 600 Vrms (AC or DC)
  • Current: 0.5 to 3000 Arms (AC) - depending on SmartProbe selected
  • Frequency: 45 to 415 Hz
  • Impulse: 20 Vpk to 6400 Vpk
    Sampling rate: 4 MHz
  • Harmonics Analysis: THD an spectral graph, current and voltage
    * @ 50Hz: to the 40th harmonic
    * @ 60Hz: to the 33rd harmonic
    * @ 400Hz: to the 5th harmonic

Operating Characteristics

  • Power: AC 120/240 Volts  DC: 11 - 16 Vdc
  • Internal UPS

Accessories and SmartProbes

Smart Probes

  • A-115: 1.0-60 Amp AC Clamp-on Smartprobe
  • A-116: 5- 600 Amp AC Clamp-on Smartprobe
  • A-120: 10- 3000 Amp AC Clamp-on Smartprobe
  • A-121:  0.5-20 Amp AC Smartprobe
  • A-721: 0.5-20 Amp AC Clamp-on Smartprobe