Dranetz 658 Power Quality Analyzer 400 Hz

Dranetz 658 Power Quality Analyzer 400 Hz
Manufacturer: Dranetz / BMI
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Dranetz/BMI 658 Power Quality Analyzer
Dranetz/BMI 658 Power Quality Analyzer 400 Hz

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  • 400 Hz Measurement

   The 658 can be used to monitor power disturbances and harmonics, as well as other sources of disruption like temperature, humidity, and radiated RF noise, making it the ideal tool for field service and site surveys. The 658 is a powerful, self-contained, portable instrument that captures, records, analyzes, and displays AC and DC power line disturbances on four power acquisition channels. The 658 monitors current as well as voltage, and has the ability to calculate the total harmonic distortion (THD) of input signals. With available options installed, the 658 also monitors radiated and conducted RF (radio frequency) energy levels and environmental temperature and humidity changes using its Sensor (transducer) channels.


  • True RMS voltage and current meter
  • Scope Mode®, Meter Mode
  • Event monitor - report by exception
  • Menu driven operation
  • Harmonics analyzer
  • 50/60 and 400Hz monitoring
  • Cycle-by-cycle disturbance capture
  • Capture multiple transients and complex wave shapes
  • 6000 volt impulse auto range
  • Simultaneous channel capture
  • Graphic summaries
  • Zoom in on events
  • Transducer inputs
  • Built in 3.5" floppy drive
  • Dran-View PC analysis and report writer software

   The 658 captures, records, stores, analyzes, and displays power line disturbances affecting reliable operation of sensitive electronic, computer-based equipment. With its options installed, you can also capture, record, store, analyze, and display environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity changes, conducted radio frequency interference, and radiated radio frequency interference. You preset the 658 to record events exceeding your threshold criteria. Once recorded, these disturbances and changes can be analyzed on screen, saved to a disk, printed for hard copy analysis, transmitted to another 658 through a modem or direct RS-232C connection, and analyzed on a PC using Dranetz-BMI 658 Graphical and Harmonic Analysis Software (P/N 658-OS-2001).

   You can perform broad or detailed event analysis right on the 658 screen. For broad analysis you can display a series of related events. For detailed analysis you can display a high-resolution view of an individual event, or a harmonic analysis up to the 50th harmonic can be performed on any complete line frequency (50/60 Hz) cycle in a recorded waveform event. Up to the 7th harmonic of 400 Hz waveforms may be analyzed also.


  • Power Quality Survey
  • Real Time Troubleshooting
  • Long Term Monitoring
  • Temperature, Humidity and RF Monitoring