Digital Receiver Technology 4311B

Digital Receiver Technology 4311B
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Digital Receiver Technology 4311B DRT-4311B Wideband Test Receiver


DRT-4311B Wideband Test Receiver

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   The DRT-4311B is a small, low-power consumption scanner that decodes meta-data in addition to RSSI and BSIC measurements. The 4311B provides protocol support for GSM, WCDMA, cdma2000/EVDO, LTE TDD/FDD and TDSCDMA on a single unit. Due to its power efficiency, the receiver can operate for hours on the optional integrated battery. The combination of rugged construction, small size, no fans and efficient power makes the DRT-4311B ideal for field operations.

The DRT-4311B provides

  • * Wideband 2MHz to 3 GHz frequency range 
  • * Dual receive configuration for simultaneous multi-band or MIMO measurements 
  • * Support of the most common wireless scanner measurements 
  • * Embedded Application ideal for OEM use or with DRT-supplied Galena collection tool 
  • * Internal GPS receiver with frequency and timing discipline. 
  • * 100 Mbps Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface to the host which allows for high throughput of logged test data and remote operation. 
  • * Localized logging to removable flash device 
  • * Integrated Spectrum Analysis Tool for all protocols and bands 
  • * Small size and low power with full power management 
  • Weight: 2.44 lb, Size: 18"L x 13"W x 6"H 

Must select V1 or V2 minimum for a valid configuration

Each wideband receiver includes:

  • Internal Gypsum Navigation and Timing Discipline 
  • Ethernet 100Base-T Interface 
  • USB 2.0 Interface 

Hardware Options:

  • V1 Single receiver for Multi-band measurements
  • V2 Dual receiver for Multi-band or MIMO measurements
  • CASE, Hard Transport Case, for receiver and battery kit
  • BAT Battery Kit: Includes
  • Battery pack
  • AC/DC powered Battery Charger
  • AC power cable

Galena Software Options

  • FG , GSM
  • FW , WCDMA
Standard Accessories
428-01123-001 External AC Power Adapter & Cables 
425-00270 12V Automobile power adapter 
175-00105 RF Antenna, 750-1250 / 1650-2700 MHz, 3 dBi (Mobile Mark MGRM-UMB-3C), Mag Mount, SMA, 10 ft cable 
428-00859-001 GPS Antenna
170-00154 MMC/SD Memory for localized logging
255-00008 Ethernet crossover cable

Vendor Bundles

SW5 is a bundle of

  • FG , GSM software
  • FW , WCDMA software
  • FCE , CDMA / EVDO software
  • FLFT, LTE FDD, LTE TDD software
  • FS , TD-SCDMA software