Desco ESD SurveyTest Kit

Desco ESD SurveyTest Kit
Manufacturer: Desco
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Desco ESD SurveyTest Kit


Desco ESD SurveyTest Kit

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Everything you need to test for ESD. This complete kit includes

  • 19780 Surface Resistance Meter
  • 19782 Resistance Meter Test Sled
  • 2 5 Pound Weights and Connecting Cables
  • 98130 120 volt AC Outlet Analyzer
  • P-120 Static Fieldmeter Charger for Fieldmeter
  • Fluke 112 Multimeter
Accurately measures RTT, RTG, or Resistivity for quick checks, factory audits, or test lab evaluation of product

    Versatile tool measuring surface resistance as exponent number illuminates immediately, but designed to measure for full 15 second electrification period and exceeds accuracy requirements of ESD S4.1

Meter measures ambient temperature and relative humidity

   Available when required for test records

Color coded LED and digital LCD read-out

   Easy to read, no interpretation needed; can easily be used for quick go/no go checks

Automatic Test Range Voltage Selection

   In accordance with ESD Association standard, meter will test at 10 volts and automatically switch to 100 volts if over 105 ohms

Surface resistance exponent always displayed if test button is depressed

   Quickly and continuously provides exponent of resistance measurement which is often all that is required for quick checks or factory periodic tests

LED identifies function and type of measurement displayed by LCD

   Over electrification period cycles through temperature in °F then °C, then Relative Humidity, and then mantissa of resistance

Portable operating on just two alkaline AA batteries

   Very versatile requiring no plugging in or sourcing special batteries

1____ on the LCD displays indicates Overrange

   Quickly identify insulative surfaces as the reading exceeds the display capabilities

Flashing LED warns when battery is low

   Alerts you when batteries need changing

10 Volt button feature

   Can override automatic voltage selection and perform test at 10 V

Test Kit includes set of Five Pound Electrodes and Leads, but the replacement items can be purchased

   Electrodes and leads more likely to be damaged and need replacement; if this occurs no need to purchase entire Test Kit

Made in America

Meter Weight: 15.5 oz.
Dimensions: 8" L x 4.3" W x 1.6" H
Power Supply: Two AA alkaline batteries