Datron 4708 with options 20,30,80,90

Datron 4708 with options 20,30,80,90
Manufacturer: Datron
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Datron 4708 AC Calibrator


Datron 4708 AC Calibrator

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with options

  • 20
  • 30
  • 80
  • 90

For Precision AC Voltage and Current Only

   The Datron 4708 Calibrator (AUTOCAL MULTIFUNCTION STANDARD) is a high precision calibrator and covers a wide range of DC, AC, current and resistance functions in a single unit when fitted with specific options. The 4708 consists of a mainframe to which the various output options may be added. The 4708 mainframe uses a microprocessor for control management for specifying its use in complex, manual operations of calibration of high quality digital multimeters. Includes IEEE-488 interface for programming capabilities. The unit incorporates a reference module for high accuracy over ambient temperature ranges of 23º C ±10ºC. A high level of stability is achieved through selected reference components and ultra-wide gain-defining resistors. The output frequency extends from 10Hz to 1Mhz at a resolution of 1%. It is a highly accurate and low cost solution to providing precision voltage and current.