Cirrus Signature 2000 Cable Tester

Cirrus Signature 2000 Cable Tester
Manufacturer: Cirris
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Cirrus Signature 2000 Cable Tester


Cirrus Signature 2000 Cable Tester

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Requires additional cable connectors for operation

The Cirrus Signature 2000 is a ideal basic continuity testers for cables, small harnesses and other wiring assemblies requiring go/no go continuity testing of up to 256 points. These popular "Signature" series testers have been the reliable workhorses of the industry for over 18 years.


  • Test Points: 2000=256
  • Test Voltage: 5VDC, 1mA max
  • Hipot: No
  • Continuity Threshold: 1K ohm
  • 4-Wire Resistance Test: No
  • Components: None
  • Wirelist Memory Capability: 21M-40; 2000-50
  • Point Labeling: Standard Adapter Labeling
  • Adapters: Single High and Double High only.

Guarantee Accurate Testing

  Cirris Systems originated the use of signature analysis for continuity testing. This unique approach eliminates the need to save "known good" sample cables or load test programs from a cassette tape.

Solve Cable Quality Problems

   The Cirrus 2000 series cable/harness test systems do more than just test; they are complete systems for quality assurance. They fit the needs of both those who manufacture and those who purchase assemblies by assuring consistent quality in one cable or in thousands.

Accommodate Your Cable Assemblies

   No matter how a cable is wired, you verify it completely, including the type of connectors used. Popular connectors are handled with standard adapters that easily interchange in the analyzer.

Easy to Use

   The Cirrus Signature 2000 analyzers communicate in plain English. They self-program from a sample cable, then verify correct programming with a signature. Once the analyzer is programmed you can test assemblies as fast as you can connect and disconnect them. The analyzers respond with both audible and visual test results. They also display guided assembly and rework instructions.

Save Time and Money

   You can catch potential problems before they become real problems. With its small size and low price, the Signature system is easy to put in the hands of those actually doing the assembly. Workers can now perform quality assurance at the time of production and eliminate scrap and rework time. Use it for incoming inspection and keep cable defects outside your operation.

Connector Adapters

   Adapters are available for common connectors and can be easily modified to meet your special connector requirements. The analyzer also verifies correct connectors by identifying the type of adapters in use. In addition, connector pin numbers are labeled to match the connector, not just the test point numbers of the tester.