Cirris Signature Touch 1 Advanced High Volume Cable Tester

Cirris Signature Touch 1 Advanced High Volume Cable Tester
Manufacturer: Cirris
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Cirris Signature Touch 1 Advanced High Volume Cable Tester


Cirris Signature Touch 1 Advanced High Volume Cable Tester

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Hipot Cable and Harness Testing with Graphical Touch Screen Control

   An incredibly powerful cable tester that features a built-in Pentium-class PC and touch-screen display.  Designed for high volume cable manufacturing and quality testing. The Signature Touch 1 cable and harness tester combines the power of an integrated Pentium-class PC with a large, graphical touch-screen display into the most advanced bench-top cable tester ever. With its lightning fast built in PC and touch-screen display, the Touch 1 guides the operator through every step with easy-to-follow instructions. Whether testing simple point-to-point cables or complex harnesses with built-in components, the Touch 1 makes the job easy. A built-in help system provides immediate answers to user interface questions on the touchscreen display.

   The Touch 1 is truly the tester of the future for today's forward-thinking cable assembly manufacturer. It not only tests your cables, it provides SPC data collection, error reporting, networking, upload/download of test files, onboard editing of wire lists, test point labeling, custom reporting, and more.   Cirris' reputation as the industry leader in low-cost, reliable cable/harness testers is well known worldwide. Like all Cirris products, the Touch 1 is built for a high-volume production environment.   The Touch 1 integrates a touch-screen display with easy-to-use, menu-driven software. Simple-to-follow menus guide the user through set-up functions. From resistance and voltage settings to point labeling and file naming, it's all at your finger tips! It checks for opens, shorts, miswires, high resistance connections (due to cold solder joints, mis-crimping, etc.), and insulation problems such as leakage, dielectric failures, etc. Also test resistors, diodes, capacitors, switches, twisted pairs, and other custom components.

Up to 2000VDC - 21VAC

   The Touch 1 can be purchased with up to 2000VDC. AC testing can be added as an option (up to 707VAC or 21VAC). Insulation resistance can be tested up to 21Mohm. DWV current settings range from .1mA to 1.5mA.

  • Capacity: 128 to 1024 points in 128-point increments
  • Test Levels: Low Voltage Tests: 5 volts @ 6mA max current
  • High Voltage Tests: Standard: 50-21VDC (in 1 volt steps) ±5% (50-707VAC ±5% optional) Option: 50-2000VDC (in 1 volt steps) ±5% (50-21VAC ±5% optional)
  • Sensitivity: Connection Resistance: .1ohm to 100kohm ± 1% ± .1ohm also: 500kohm, 1Mohm, 5Mohm ± 10% 4-wire Resistance: .001 to 10ohm ± 2% ± .001ohm
  • High Voltage Insulation Resistance: 5Mohm to 1Gohm ± 10% (optional AC/DC dielectric .1mA to 1.5mA leakage current threshold)