Cambridge Accusense ATM-24 Airflow Temperature Monitor

Cambridge Accusense ATM-24 Airflow Temperature Monitor
Manufacturer: Cambridge Accusense
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Cambridge Accusense ATM-24 Airflow Temperature Monitor


Cambridge Accusense ATM-24 Airflow Temperature Monitor

   Multipoint measurement of airflow velocity as well as air and surface temperature analysis are crucial steps in the new product development process. These procedures, however, have traditionally been inexact, labor-intensive, repetitive, and tedious. T.I.M.E., the Cambridge AccuSense analysis and evaluation product line, has been designed to reduce cost, increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and compress testing and evaluation time.

   Instead of moving a hand-held probe from location to location to measure the airflow or thermal characteristics of a particular environment, T.I.M.E. now allows you to perform simultaneous monitoring of airflow velocity and of air and surface temperature at multiple locations. The information is recorded real-time, and can be analyzed and manipulated as the measurements are being taken. The complete T.I.M.E. system consists of two multi-channel measuring instruments ¿ the ATM-24, an airflow and air temperature monitor which utilizes the AccuSense line of CAFS sensors, and a thermocouple monitor, the TCM -24.

   AccuTrac, the powerful Windows-based software package designed by Cambridge AccuSense, is used by both the ATM-24 and TCM -24. Now, you can develop a complete thermal and airflow map of your product or system by obtaining simultaneous airflow and temperature as well as surface temperature measurements. Up to 4 multi-channel instruments can be linked to obtain real time, multipoint measurements, while the AccuTrac software allows you to display, save, review, graph, and print the acquired data, without ever having to export the information to another program. A cost-effective, accurate, and efficient solution to an old problem

   The Cambridge AccuSense ATM-24 eliminates the tedious, time-consuming and costly task of manual data recording. Design can be verified and, if necessary, modified, based on complete, accurate and real- time data. Even measurements from locations that are physically difficult to access and sensitive to intrusions are now available. The ATM-24 gathers all the necessary data from your prototype for system and transmits it to a computer for on- line or future analysis. The ATM-24 was created to accept up to 24 CAFS probes, with the ability to connect multiple ATM¿s to a computer.


  • Non-intrusive sensors
  • Real-time data
  • Simultaneous, multipoint measurements, accepts up to 24 CAFS sensors
  • Multiple COM ports can link up to 4 ATM¿s or TCM¿s
  • User defined sampling times from 1 second to 30 minutes
  • Displays in metric or Imperial units
  • No field calibration necessary