Bird APM-16 True RMS Portable Wattmeter

Bird APM-16 True RMS Portable Wattmeter
Manufacturer: Bird Electronics
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Bird APM-16 True RMS Portable Wattmeter


Bird APM-16 True RMS Portable Wattmeter

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Requires additional APM slugs for measurement. Price is without slugs required for operation. Has DIN input/output connectors

   The Bird Model APM-16 RF wattmeter is designed to keep pace with the ever growing complexity of digitally-based communication systems. Bird's Model 43 and most other wattcmeters available today were designed to measure power of constant amplitude, sinusoidal waveforms. Modern wireless communication systems can use a variety of digital techniques to combine many voice data channels into a complex, composite RF signal. Measurement of such signals with a conventional wattmeter may yield unacceptable errors. The APM-16 employs active circuitry to deliver accuracy of ┬▒ 5% for multiple-access technologies such as CDMA, TDMA, FDMA and other digitally-encoded communication systems.

   The Bird APM-16 is an insertion wattmeter designed to measure RF power and load match in 50 ohm transmission lines. It has a maximum VSWR of 1.05 for frequencies up to 21 MHz. The meter provides direct readings in watts with an expanded linear scale for easy reading. The scale is graduated for 25, 50, and 100 full scale. Elements are available in a variety of power and frequency ranges.


  • Designed especially for RF power measurement in PCS, cellular, ESMR, paging and similar communication systems
  • Equally effective for measuring RF power in conventional analog systems
  • Uses APM-series plug-in elements to cover a wide range of frequency and power levels. Simple Thruline┬« style operation for instant forward or reflected power readings
  • Interchangeable QC connectors for fast hook-up