Biddle/Avo Model 246001 Bite Battery Impedance Test Set

Biddle/Avo Model 246001 Bite Battery Impedance Test Set
Manufacturer: Biddle / AVO
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Biddle BITE 246001 Battery Impedance Test Set


Biddle/Avo Model 246001 Bite Battery Impedance Test Set

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   Unlike load cycle testing that involves substantial downtime and repeated discharges, using the BITE requires no battery discharge, nor do they stress the battery in any way compared to other techniques. With a test time of less than 20 seconds for each cell and intercell connector, one person can easily, quickly, and precisely measure internal cell impedance, dc terminal voltage and intercell connection resistance without taking the battery system off line.

   The instruments work by applying a test current across the battery string while on-line, then measuring the total current (ac ripple + test current) and the voltage drop of each cell/jar. It then calculates the impedance. They also measure dc voltage and interconnection (strap) resistance to help determine the overall condition of the entire battery string's electrical path from terminal plate to terminal plate.


  • All lead-acid and nickel-cadmium cells of less than 2100 Ah capacity.

Specifications: Transmitter

  • Supply Voltage: 120 V ac, 60 Hz (Optional: 220 V ac, 50 Hz, P/N: 246001-47)
  • Nominal Source Output Current: 10 A for 60 Hz operation
  • Display: 0 - 15 A, 5% accuracy, analog meter
  • Battery Test Voltage: 250 V dc maximum


  • Supply Source: Three (3) 1.5 V dc AA batteries
  • Runtime: ~40 hours
  • Display: 3 ½ digit LCD display
    • Ranges:
      • 0 - 1.999 mohm with 1 µohm resolution
      • 0 - 19.99 mohm with 10 µohm resolution

Included Accessories:

  • Two source leads (transmitter to battery, 40' (12 m)
  • Two potential leads (receiver probes)
  • Instruction manual