Biddle Det2/2 Earth Ground Tester

Biddle Det2/2 Earth Ground Tester
Manufacturer: Biddle / AVO
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Biddle Det2/2 Earth Ground Tester


Biddle Det2/2 Earth Ground Tester

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   The Biddle DET2/2 digital ground resistance tester provides a wide resistance range from 0.010 ohms to 19.99 kilohms for testing larger or more complex grounding systems and for difficult testing environments, with ±0.5% accuracy and 0.001 ohm resolution. Microprocessor control and advanced filtering simplify testing in environments with high levels of interference.


  • Accurately measures ground resistance under the most demanding conditions
  • High resolution - 0.001 ohms, with autoranging
  • Simple menu driven operation
  • High resolution 1 mohm ideal for large earthing systems
  • High accuracy for earth electrode and soil resistivity testing
  • Test voltage 50 V max. for safety
  • Rechargeable battery power with long battery life and rapid re-charge
  • A robust, versatile instrument with IP54 protection
  • Filter and high current features to enable valid earth testing in difficult situation


  The Biddle DET2/2 Earth Tester is a reliable instrument designed for larger or more complex earthing systems, including communications earthing systems and  difficult testing environments. It may be used to test in accordance with BS 7430 (1991), the IEE Wiring Regulations and VDE 0413 part 7 (1982). The instrument is suitable for soil resistivity measurements, which are used to establish the optimum electrode design and site, as well as perform archeological  and geological investigations. Resistivity tests assist in the design of a correct earth system and avoid the cost of re-working electrode installations. Earth testing kits, which include suitable test spikes and test leads, are available separately.

  • Earth Resistance Range: 0,010 ½ to 19,99 kohm (auto-ranging), 1 mohm resolution.
  • Accuracy (23 °C = 2 °C): ±0,5% of reading ± 2 digits
  • Service Error: ±5% of reading ± 2 digits ± 10 mohm (meets VDE service error over 50 mohm)
  • Comply with Standards: BS 7430 (1991), VDE 0413 Part 7 (1982)
  • Test Frequency: 105 to 160 Hz reversing d.c. (50 Hz operation default to 128 Hz, 60 Hz operation default to 150 Hz) Set in steps of 0,5 Hz
  • Test Current: 50 mA max (selectable high and low levels)
  • Maximum Output Voltage: < 50 V r.m.s., Maximum Current Spike (Loop) Resistance