Avo/Biddle 246003 EBite Battery Impedance Test

Avo/Biddle 246003 EBite Battery Impedance Test
Manufacturer: Biddle / AVO
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Avo/Biddle 246003 EBite Battery Impedance Test Set


Avo/Biddle 246003 EBite Battery Impedance Test Set

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   The Avo/Biddle 246003 EBite are designed for on-line ac impedance and dc terminal voltage measurements of secondary batteries. These measurements, along with other maintenance data such as ambient and pilot cell temperatures and ac ripple currents, assist in determining the overall battery system condition. Unlike load cycle testing that involves substantial downtime and repeated discharges, using the EBite requires no battery discharge. With a test time of less than 30 seconds for each cell, the units quickly and precisely measure internal cell impedance and dc terminal voltage without taking the battery system off line. Housed in a rugged case with built-in carrying handle, the EBite are easily operated by one person.


  • On-line testing requiring no downtime.
  • Calculates impedance automatically and stores results for on-site review.
  • Requires no battery discharge.
  • RS-232 connector for downloading stored data to a personal computer.
  • Reduces test time; less than 30 seconds for each cell.
  • Measures impedance and dc voltage values for all lead-acid and nickel cadmium cells of less than 2500 Ah capacity. (Specific system environment may permit testing of larger Ah cells.)
  • Stores more than 2000 sets of readings.


   The receiver incorporates the potential leads, clamp-on current sensor, and data storage capabilities in one unit. It stores more than 2000 sets of data (cell impedance, cell voltage and interconnecting strap resistance). At any time while performing a test, the operator can review the current test results by using arrow keys and scrolling back through the active test screen. If needed, the operator can retest any of the cells and straps in the current test before the results are downloaded. Stored data in the receiver can also be downloaded via the RS-232 connector directly to a personal computer or to the EBite transmitter. The clamp-on current sensor is connected to the receiver during testing and clamped around a convenient intertier or intercell connection within the loop created by the current source leads from the transmitter and the battery string. If the intercell or intertier connection used consists of more cables than the diameter of the clamp-on current sensor can encompass, the receiver has a split-strap function. With the optional bar-code wand, additional information can be recorded and stored such as location ID, ambient and pilot cell temperature. The receiver is powered by internal rechargeable batteries and are charged with a separate external charger.


   The transmitter provides the capacitively coupled ac test current to the cells under test via the current source leads. The EBITE transmitter has an LCD and built-in printer, while the BITE2 transmitter features a large analog current meter. Data collected and stored in the receiver can be downloaded to the Ebite transmitter where it can be reviewed and printed.