AVO PMM-1 Power Multimeter

AVO PMM-1 Power Multimeter
Manufacturer: Biddle / AVO
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AVO PMM-1 Power Multimeter
AVO PMM-1 Power Multimeter

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   The AVO PMM-1 Power Multimeter Multi-function Measuring Instrument is a portable, battery or line operated, multi-function measuring instrument designed to measure ac primary and secondary currents, voltage power, reactive power, phase angle and frequency of single and three-phase systems. A high speed recording feature can capture starting currents of three-phase motors. All measured values are displayed on a large easy-to-read graphic display. RS-232 data and parallel printer ports are provided.

  • Simultaneous measurement and display of all three-phase system parameters
  • Accurate phase angle measurement at low current levels
  • Versatile, menu-driven instrument with a built-in timer and data-logging


Input Line: 90 - 253 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 30 VA
Battery Rechargeable battery with internal automatic charger. Safety features include internal battery overcharging and charge exhaustion protection. Operation Time: 10 hours continuous on full charge
Voltage 0 - 650 Volts (AC/DC), 0.01% resolution of range
Accuracy: ± 0.05% of reading, 50/60 Hz From 3 - 650 ac Volts (21° - 25° C). ± 0.1% of reading, from 3 - 650 ac or dc Volts (0° - 50° C).
Input Impedance: 1M Ω
Maximum Input: 21 Volts (ac) Between inputs or from inputs to chassis.
Measured: RMS or AVG
Crest Factor: 3
Graphic display of a three-phase Excel applications program.
Direct Input: 0 - 100 Amperes (ac), 0.01% resolution of range
Accuracy: ±0.05% of reading, 50/60 Hz
From 0.10 - 10A (21°- 25° C) ±0.1% of reading >10 amperes
Minimum Current Measurement: 2 mA
Burden at 5A: 0.1VA
Crest Factor: 3
Phase Angle 0 - 360.00° or ±0 - 180.00°, 0.01° resolution
Accuracy 50/60 Hz: ±0.05° input levels above 30 V and 1.0 amp, ±0.5° input levels above 3 Volts and 0.02 amps, ±2° input levels down to 0.002 amps.
Power ±0 - 100 KW, 0.1% resolution. Highest resolution 0.01 Watt direct input connections
Accuracy at 50 or 60 Hz: ±0.1 % of VA.
Reactive Power ±0 - 100 KVAR, 0.1% resolution. Highest resolution is 0.01 KVAR direct input connections.
Accuracy at 50/60 Hz: ±0.1 % of VA. Frequency component only of a voltage or current 10 - 21 Hz, 0.01 Hz resolution. Accuracy: ±0.03Hz.
Harmonics Measures all harmonics content simultaneously of any selected voltage or current, up to the 49th harmonic. Accuracy: ±5% of reading
Time 0.000 to 999.999 seconds 0.000 to 9999.9 cycles Seconds Mode ±LSD or ±0.005% of reading, whichever is greater when initiated by a dry contact, a DC potential above 5 volts or an AC potential above 115 VAC.
Cycles Mode ±0.5 cycle when initiated by a dry contact, a DC potential above 5 volts or an AC potential above 115 VAC. *AC voltage accuracy is worse at lower voltages and is ±8 ms in worst cases (5 V rms applied just following wave-shape peak).