Avcom PSA-37D Portable Spectrum Analyzer

Avcom PSA-37D Portable Spectrum Analyzer
Manufacturer: Avcom
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Avcom PSA-37D Portable Spectrum Analyzer


Avcom PSA-37D Portable Spectrum Analyzer

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Covers from 10 to 1750 MHz and 3.7 to 4.2 GHz only

   The Avcom PSA-37D spectrum analyzer covers the entire CATV, Broadcast, Satellite, and Wireless Network frequency ranges from 1 MHz to 4.2 GHz. The unit has a ± 2 dB amplitude accuracy which makes this the perfect analyzer for the field technician or for testing and setting head-end levels. Independent span and resolution bandwidth makes it easy to either look at the whole band or pinpoint a particular frequency or channel.


  • 1 MHz - 4.2 GHz Frequency Coverage
    • 10-21 MHz IF & CATV Band
    • 950-1750 MHz L Band
    • 3.7 - 4.2 GHz C Band
  • Precision Rotary Encoder Tuning
  • Independent Span and Resolution BW
  • Readout Ku Band Offsets
  • Switchable 12/18 VDC & 22 kHz LNA/LNB Power
  • Weight 17 lbs, 11.5" W x 5.5"H x 13. 5" D

   View the entire L-band on a single screen, or zoom in on a single transponder. Switch to C band to view unconverted signals. The low frequency band lets you view IF signals on your modem, exciter, or receiver, while the 1250-1750 MHz band covers extended L band.

   The spectrum display gives you positive ID of your signal and indication of cross polarization- no need for a seperate receiver or monitor, though we do offer a video output option which provides demodulated L-bamd video to any monitor.

   Battery power (and a buit in charger) lets you work right at the antenna; no need for extension cords. You can also run or charge on vehicle or line power. The PSA-37D has a built in DC block with +12/18 VDC for powering LNAs and BDCs, so hook-up is fast and easy. Low band connections are BNC, C-band connections are type N.

Easy DBS/DSS Dish Alignment

   If you are doing DBS installs, you need to be on and off the job fast! DBS signals such as DISH NETWORK, PRIMESTAR, and DIRECTV can be seen with AVCOMs PSA-37D. Normal DBS antenna alignments, such as roof, wall, or backyard, can be accomplished in seconds because the DBS receiver and TV monitor do not have to be at the antenna.

Creative Installations

   The PSA-37D can really help with more creative DBS dish installations (inside buildings, looking through sparse foliage or windows, smaller antennas, etc). When the signal obtained is not optimum or there is uncertainty where to point the dish, it is difficult to use the receivers built-in alignment program. Wsuing the PSA-37D, the signal can be quickly located and measured even though it is below the receivers signal strength requirement. Steps can then be taken to improve the signal.