Astromed MT9500 8 Channel Recorder

Astromed MT9500 8 Channel Recorder
Manufacturer: Astromed
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Astromed MT9500 8 Channel Chart Recorder


Astromed MT9500 8 Channel Chart Recorder

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    A true New-Technology Recorder, the Astro-Med MT9500 High Speed Direct Writing Recorder digitally processes incoming analog data with 12-bit accuracy and features Real-Time Recording or Data Capture and Playback modes. The high-resolution dual thermal printheads utilizes Z-fold or roll thermal paper and replace messy inks and mechanical styli. This results in printed waveforms that precisely reflect the original signals. And the MT9500 simultaneously prints the waveforms and several possible grids providing total correlation between recorded waveforms and the selected grid¿chart drift error is simply eliminated! Uncommon versatility and user-friendliness result from your ability to toggle rapidly between extensive functions. A digital data input connection eliminates any need for analog-to-digital converters and, in host-control, permits recording of a maximum of 32 digital waveforms. Standard RS-232 and IEEE-488 ports are provided in this state-of-the-art Recorder.


  • No Pens or Styli  
  • No Ink, Toner or Chemicals  
  • Uses Low-cost Thermal Paper  
  • Prints Chart Grid and Data Simultaneously  
  • DC to 5kHz Real Time  
  • Transient Capture  
  • 8 Channels; Channels may be Overlapped  
  • Prints Waveforms and Alphanumerics