Astromed Everest 32 Channel Chart Recorder

Astromed Everest 32 Channel Chart Recorder
Manufacturer: Astromed
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Astromed Everest 32 Channel Chart Recorder


Astromed Everest 32 Channel Chart Recorder

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   The Astromed Everest is a powerful recording platform designed for the unique demands of aerospace testing. Combining a high resolution 18 inch display, touch panel interface and superb quality chart output, the Everest is ideal for applications such as flight testing , missile testing , flight simulation and satellite telemetry. With the Everest system, you can view and print your data in real-time as well as mark specific portions of the data for later review. A customizable touch-panel interface makes the Everest into a dedicated recorder for your specific requirements.


  • Large color display for real-time data viewing
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface simplifies setup and operation
  • Look-back while recording in real-time
  • Up to 32 analog or digital input channels
  • Virtual ChartTM efficiently stores digital data while saving paper
  • Ethernet interface for command and control
  • High-resolution chart printing for clear, crisp traces

Easy-To-Use Touchpanel Controls

   The hears of the Everest is a large, touchpanel display. This display provides you with and easy-to-use, graphical user interface, making recorder setup quick and easy. And the interface is completely customizable, allowing you to design an interface for even the most inexperienced user.

High Performance Inputs

   The Everest samples your data at 120 kHz per channel, meaning important events will not be attenuated or missed. With a frequency response of 15 kHz, you will see even your fastest data. And bandwidth is independent of the number of channels being recorded - even with 32 analog and 32 event channels installed!

Real-time With Look Back

   The Everest has a unique Look Back feature, which lets you review historical waveform data without interrupting real-time recording! Imagine being able to review critical data on a split screen without missing a beat. For even faster data review, turn on the cursors, to make quick decisions on historical data even easier.

Setup And Review - On Your PC!

   With the Everest offline software, you do not even have to leave your desk to set up the Everest. All recorder setup is done on your PC, with the familiar Everest graphical interface. This software allows you to review Waveform History, Virtual Chart and captured data, further integrating the Everest with your PC. Files can be easily transferred between the Everest and your PC via Ethernet or Zip disk.