Astromed Dash-8xE 8 Channel Chart Recorder

Astromed Dash-8xE 8 Channel Chart Recorder
Manufacturer: Astromed
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Astromed Dash-8xE 8 Channel Chart Recorder


Astromed Dash-8xE 8 Channel Chart Recorder

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   The Astromed Dash-8xE provides 8 channels of modular inputs and four additional channels of scope recording make the DASH 8Xe a highly versatile recorder. Its compact, rugged design makes it ideally suited for use in metal mills, paper mills and other harsh environments. A dedicated 36 Gigabyte hard drive for data capture and integral Ethernet interface make it easier than ever to capture data and upload it to a PC for data analysis.

Modular high performance inputs

   The Dash 8Xe is designed for direct input from a wide variety of sensors and signals, with selectable input modules for differential voltage, high voltage, DC bridge, thermocouples, RTDs, ICP transducers and more. With individual 16-bit A/D converters sampling each channel at 200,000 samples per second, the DASH-8xe provides high accuracy, high resolution recording. Programmable, digital filtering allows users to filter out noise and other unwanted signals and see only data that is important to them.

Triggered data capture and high speed scope recording in one system

   The Dash 8Xe is well suited for long-term trend recording, traditional data capture or high speed oscilloscope recording. All eight signals can be captured to a dedicated 36 Gbyte hard drive to minimize the risk of running out of memory. Selectable sample rates from one sample per minute to 200,000 samples per second per channel allow the user to maximize memory and eliminate unneeded data points. For high speed recording, the Dash 8Xe offers 4 additional channels of oscilloscope recording with sample rates up to 10 MHz per channel.

Unit requires input modules: See Astro-Med IHV1, IHV2, IHV3, IBR1, etc.


  • 8 channels of modular inputs for any type of signal
  • Record data directly to 73 GB hard drive at 200 kHz per channel
  • Optional scope card provides 4 additional channels with sample rates up to 5 MHz
  • 15" touch-screen display for data viewing and analysis
  • 10/100/21 BaseT Ethernet interface for transfer of data

High-Speed Data Acquisition

   The Dash 8Xe captures data continuously to a 73 GByte hard drive at a sample rate of 200 kHz per channel. For faster signals, a 4-channel scope card option allows you to capture data at sample rates up to 5 MHz. Best of all, the Dash 8Xe lets you review captured data without interrupting real-time recording, so you'll never miss an important event.

PC Interface

   In today's environment, it is essential that your test equipment talk to your PC. The Dash 8Xe's GBit Ethernet port, USB 2.0 interface, and off-line software make it easier than ever to do this. From setting the system up through your PC to uploading captured data from the hard drive, the Dash 8Xe seamlessly integrates with your computer.

Increase you Channel Count

   Each Dash 8Xe can have up to eight channels, plus four scope channels yielding a total of 12 channels per Dash 8Xe. Multiple Dash 8Xe systems can even be synchronized for applications requiring more channels, allowing you to expand your channel count to fit your needs.